The Irish Rovers   •   Hard Stuff

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  • Hard Stuff
    • 1989 - Attic LAT 1253 LP (CAN)
  • Side One
    1. All Sing Together (Bryan Adams & Jim Vallance)
    2. Paddy on the Turnpike (Will & George Millar & Wicil McDowell)
    3. Belfast (Glasgow) (Billy Connolly)
    4. Buy Us a Drink (Alistair Hulett)
    5. First Day on the Somme (Will Millar)
  • Side Two
    1. Squeeze Box (Pete Townshend)
    2. Don't Fly Away (Tom Northcott)
    3. Down by the Sally Gardens (Trad. Arr. Adapt. Will Millar & Wicil McDowell)
    4. Finnegan's Wake (Trad. Arr. Adapt. Will & George Millar & Wicil McDowell)
    5. Other Side of the Evening (Randy Bachman)

  • The Irish Rovers
    • George Millar, Jimmy Ferguson, Joe Millar, Will Millar & Wicil McDowell
  • Additional Musicians
    • Canada: Jerry Adolfe, Bill Henderson, Geoffrey Kelly, Gary Koliger, Hugh McMillan, Frank Metcalf, Lee Oliphant, Jack Velker, Rene Worst
    • Ireland: Davey Arthur, Finbar Furey, Seán Keane, Enniskillen Accordion Band, No. 5 Legion Concert Band
  • Credits
    • Produced by Bill Henderson
    • Engineer: Howard Rissin, Vancouver, B.C., Bill Somerville-Large, Dublin, Ireland
    • Assistant Engineer: David Chan, Vancouver, B.C., Ciran Byrne, Dublin, Ireland
    • Recorded at Ocean Studios, Vancouver, B.C., Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, Ireland
    • Management: Les Weinstein, Bob Silk, Front Row Productions Inc.
    • Art Direction & Design: Doug Fleming Graphics Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
    • Photography: Will Millar