The Ian Campbell Folk Group   •   Four Highland Songs

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  • Four Highland Songs
    • 1966 - Transatlantic TRA EP 146 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Highland Harry
    2. Earl of Moray
  • Side Two
    1. Cam Ye o'er Frae France
    2. Highland Widows Lament

  • The Ian Campbell Folk Group
    • Ian Campbell: Vocals
    • Lorna Campbell: Vocals
    • Brian Clark: Vocals, Guitar, Autoharp
    • John Dunkerley: Banjo, Guitar
    • Dave Swarbrick: Fiddle, Viola, Mandolin
  • Credits
    • Produced by Nathan Joseph
    • Notes by Ian Campbell
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. Ian Campbell

Sleeve Notes

In Hoggs Jacobite Reliques Highland Harry is mentioned as a popular song and air. The first three verses are by Robert Burns based on an old song, the other two are added by SutherIand.

The Earl of Moray On February 7th 1592 the Earl of Moray was cruelly killed by the Earl of Huntley at Dunibrissle in Fife to satisfy King James VIs jealousy of Moray, whom the Queen, more rashly than wisely had commended in the Kings hearing with too many epithets of a proper and gallant man (Sir James Balfours History Of Scotland).

Cam Ye Oer Frae France is one of many bitter satirical songs composed by the Jacobites a bout the court of George I or Geordie Whelps (Guelph). The goose referred to is Madame Schulenberg, Duchess of Kendal, Geordies mistress, and the linkin blad was the Count Konigsmark. The only other identifiable name is Bobbin John presumed to be the Earl of Mar, Commander In Chief of the English army in Scotland.

Highland Widows Lament — A well known and popular song (Hogg). In a troubled history the Highlands have known many ladies violently widowed and Lorna acknowledges this by omitting in this version all references to Charlie and the Jacobite cause. The tune is Gaelic.