Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor   •   Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor

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  • Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor
    • 1960 - Beltona SEP 85 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Banks o' Sicily (Hamish Henderson, Arr. Hall, Macgregor)
    2. The Tiree love song (Sinclair, Arr. Roberton)
  • Side Two
    1. Wi' my rovin eye (Trad. Arr. Roberton)
    2. Jug of punch (Trad. Arr. Hall, Macgregor)

Sleeve Notes

Robin Hall (24) was born in Edinburgh. His mother had been an opera singer so it is no wonder that Robin was nurtured on a generous diet of classical music and also of music-hall songs.

As a teenager he played with a jazz band, studied classical piano and developed an interest in the folk-material of his native Scotland.

Jimmie Macgregor, a Glaswegian, learned to play the guitar and picked up a number of Scottish folk-songs while he was at the Glasgow school of art, but it was only after a visit to London's jazz and skiffle clubs that his enthusiasm for folk-music was really set in motion.

The songs on this album constitute only a very small part of their repertoire, which ranges through Glasgow children's ditties, ballads, student songs, to topical numbers.

BANKS O' SICILY was written by Hamish Henderson, the Scottish poet and folklorist. He wrote it while serving during the second World War and it expresses the feelings of men longing for home, yet bound to strange places.

THE TIREE LOVE SONG is one of the best known and most beautiful of the Western Isles love songs, familiar to Scots folk the world over.

WI' MY ROVIN' EYE is the boys' arrangement of a song from the great Scottish ballad singer, Jeannie Robertson.

They learned JUG OF PUNCH in Moscow from the Belfast folk-singers, the MacPeake family.