Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor   •   Kids Stuff

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  • Kid's Stuff
    • 1974 — Decca ESC 22161 LP
  • Side One
    1. The Candlelight Fisherman (Trad. arr. MacGregor)
    2. Frog And The Mouse (Hawarth)
    3. Three Craws (Trad. arr. MacGregor)
    4. The Red Yo-Yo (McGinn)
    5. Little Brown Dog (Trad. arr. MacGregor)
    6. The Hippopotamus Song (Flanders, Swan)
    7. Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Off A Bus Do-Re-Me (Trad. arr. MacGregor)
  • Side Two
    1. Jeelie Pieces Song (McNaughton)
    2. Windy Old Weather (Trad. arr. MacGregor)
    3. Murder In The Fish-Shop (Trad. arr. MacGregor)
    4. Carrion Crow (Trad. arr. MacGregor)
    5. Riding In My Car (Guthrie)
    6. My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog (Paxton)
    7. The Old Piper (Trad. arr. MacGregor)

  • Musicians
    • Robin Hall: Vocals
    • Jimmie MacGregor: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
    • Archie Duncan: Accordion
    • Ricky Fernandez: Bass
    • Billy Thom: Drums
    • with "The Killermont Young Singers": Lindsay Herron, Jimmy Woodburn, Martin Lemmie, Andrew Sauter, Ann Christie, Lynn Taylor, Margaret Dracup, Alison Hamilton, Kareen McAdam
      • Leaders: Ann Wightman, May Orr
  • Credits
    • A Ray Horricks Production
    • Recording Engineer: Martin Smith
    • Sleeve Photograph: Julian de Havilland — White Rose Studios, London

Sleeve Notes

The most surprising thing about this record is that we have not made it before. Over the years, Robin and I have done a great deal of work with children, including numerous television and radio shows of our own, and regular guest appearances on others. Lots of our shows and concerts are for children, and it's interesting that they write to us much more often than adults. (They usually make more sense !) We have even delivered folk song lectures to school children although, needless to say, we make them as unlike lectures as possible, and I have published a book of songs for schools. All of our previous records contain a sprinkling of childrens songs, and we were delighted when our producer, Ray Horricks, agreed that it was time we made an album especially for the children; in fact, doubly delighted because Ray was the producer of our very first L.P., "Scottish Choice," made in 1961 and still going strong on the Eclipse label.

Most of the children on this record were with us on our television series, "Out and About with Robin and Jimmie." They worked very hard indeed on the filming, and we knew that we could rely on them to do as well on the record. Making a record is always hard work, but thanks to the kids, and to Anne Wightman and May Orr, the two charming young ladies who taught them all our songs, we really enjoyed this one. Thanks are due also to Ray Horricks, our gentlemanly and super-efficient producer, and to Martin and the boys who twiddled the knobs and stuck the bits of wire together. The accordion was played, impeccably as usual, by Archie Duncan, with Ricky Fernandez on bass, while Billy Thom, as well as playing drums, gave us a very distinguished solo on tenor and bass motor hooter, on "Riding in the Car".

Jimmie MacGregor
" Singing our Own" Jimmie MacGregor. Published Holmes McDougall, Edinburgh