Hamish Imlach & Iain Mackintosh   •   Live In Hamburg [CD]

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  • Live In Hamburg
    • 1992 - MusiKiste 26-6-358 CD (DEU)
  • Tracklist
    1. Johnny Cope (Trad.)
    2. Skye Boat Song (Trad.)
    3. The General (Trad., New Words: Imlach & Mackintosh)
    4. Weary Life (Bogle, Imlach & Mackintosh)
    5. Dance Band on The Titanic (Harry Chapin)
    6. Rollin' (Randy Newman)
    7. Susie (Imlach & Mackintosh)
    8. Paddy Lay Back (Trad., New Words; Imlach & Mackintosh)
    9. Tramps and Hawkers (Trad.)
    10. The New Restaurant (Malvina Reynolds)
    11. Lily The Pink (Trad., New Words: Imlach & Mackintosh)
    12. My Friends (John Denver)
    13. Encore: All the Tunes in The World (Trad., Words: Ewan McVicar)

  • Musicians
    • Hamish Imlach: Vocals, Guitar
    • Iain Mackintosh: Vocals, 5-String Banjo, Concertina
  • Credits
    • Produced by Volker Wilmking & Gerry Spooner
    • Recorded live at the "Zwiebel" in Hamburg, 1st September 1985
    • Engineered by Jörg Wilms, assisted by Klaus Hoheisel
    • Mixed at Turmstudio, D-3360 Osterode-Dorste
    • Coverphotos: Volker Wilmking
    • Uli Panknin: Announcement
    • All arrangements: Hamish Imlach & Iain Mackintosh.

Sleeve Notes

"Hi, Folks,
we call it the 'Zwiebel Phenomenon', that instant warm, spontaneous rapport with the Hamburg audience who sang along tirelessly from the first line of the first song. As long as we had songs to sing they were willing to listen. How they listened, how they laughed and sang with us. Thanks Folks, it was a Zwiebel night we'll remember forever. Special thanks to Wolla and Uli behind the bar and for many other Zwiebel nights too lads! To Volker, Gerry and the recording team behind the switches and to the friends, many of whom travelled long distances to join us in the fun. And a final thank you to the man who ensured the success of the evening … Mr. Guinness."

Hamish & Iain