Hamish Imlach   •   Folk Club Souvenir

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  • Folk Club Souvenir
    • 1975 - Autogram ALP 204 EP (DEU)
  • Side One
    1. Campbell
    2. 5 Scottish Drunken Nights
    3. Worried Man
  • Side Two
    1. Black Is The Colour
    2. Wagoner's Lad
    3. Willowy Garden

  • Musicians
    • Hamish Imlach: vocals and guitar
  • Credits
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. Imlach

Sleeve Notes

This Hamish Imlach record is in three respects a curiosity: On it Hamish plays a 12-string guitar, instead of his usual six-string guitar. This record has been recorded 'completely solo', without any accompanying musicians and without playback, so as you hear him live. The second number of each side is an unaccompanied song; there is no chorus-singing audience, so as to present the artist as if he is singing for you alone in your living room.

We thought that, after Hamish Imlach's many studio — and live — recordings, such a record was due; and we hope you enjoy it. And by the way this Hamish's second EP beside many LP's (the first EP from 1965 has been deleted since years).