The Hennessys   •   The Grangetown Gondolier

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  • The Grangetown Gondolier
    • 1986 - Wobbly SWOB 002 [7"] (UK)
  • Tracks
    1. The Grangetown Gondolier (Frank Hennessy)
    2. Torquay Talking Blues (Frank Hennessy)

  • The Hennessys
    • Frank Hennessy: guitar, vocals
    • Dave Burns: mandolin, vocals
    • Tommy Edwards: bass, vocals
  • Credits
    • Thanks to GREN of the South Wales Echo for the front cover cartoon.
    • Made with the financial assistance of Brains Brewery (Thanks, Jill).
    • Engineered at Music Factory by Steve Howard

Sleeve Notes

THE GRANGETOWN GONDOLIER — Inspired over several pints of Brains Dark, this song set in the year 1993 looks back on "the building of the Barrage", and it's effect on certain areas of our city.
The slight "Venetian" feel to the song is not entirely coincidental.

Contrary to current practice, the Hennessys have not applied for a grant from Cardiff Bay Development Corporation, but have threatened that unless a substantial sum of money is forthcoming, this record would be released!

However, Frank feels that there is nothing to fear from the building of the Barrage. (And neither would you if you lived in Llandaff on top of a hill!).

TORQUAY TALKING BLUES — This typically understated headline in the "South Wales Echo" alerted Cardiff readers to the fact that the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary were trying to stop Cardiff City fans from travelling to Torquay for City's away match with them.

Unfortunately, the wider implication of the headline meant that Frank could look forward to a life sentence with no remission if he ever opened his mouth in Torquay!