The Hennessys   •   Rhyddid yn ein can

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  • Rhyddid yn ein can
    • 1973 - Sain 32 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Rhyddid yn ein can (Freedom in our song) (Kris Kristofferson; geiriau Hywel Gwynfryn)
    2. Suo Can (A Welsh lullaby) (Tradd. trefniant/arrangement Yr Hennessys)
  • Side Two
    1. Pwt ar y Bys, Rakes of Marrow (Offerynnol/Instrumental) (Tradd. trefniant/arrangement Yr Hennessys)
    2. Yr Hen Dderwen Ddu (Frank Hennessy; geiriau/words Rhydderch Jones)

  • Yr Hennessys
  • Credits
    • Gitar fâs/Bass: Derek Boote
    • Cynllun Cymhleth y Ilawes/Sleeve Design: D. Iwan/E. Ioan
  • Song Notes
    • "Rhyddid yn ein can" is a Welsh interpretation of "Me and Bobbie McGee"
    • "Yr Hen Dderwen Ddu" is the Welsh verison of "The Old Carmarthen Oak"

Sleeve Notes

This the first record by the Hennessys since they were joined by the well-known singer from Anglesey, Aloma Jones. She brings with her a new dimension, both vocally and with the addition of a new instrument, the harp, to the previous combination of guitar and mandolin. The line-up blends together perfectly to produce on this record a varied harmonious collection of songs which you will find yourself playing over and over again.