The Hennessys   •   Who Will Cast A Stone? (Songs For The Miners Strike 1972)

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  • Who Will Cast A Stone? Songs For The Miners Strike 1972
    • 1972 - SAIN 22 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Who Will Cast A Stone? (Frank Hennessy)
    2. Halfpenny Strike (Ray Smith)
  • Side Two
    1. Farewell To The Rhondda (Frank Hennessy)
    2. Gresford Disaster

  • Notes
    • Proceeds from this record will go to the NUM Strike Fund
    • Copyright: Land Of Song Music, 41 Sterling Road, St. Pagans, Cardiff.
      • Except: "Gresford Disaster"

Sleeve Notes

The Hennessys, Frank Hennessy and Dave Burns, are a well known Cardiff folk group who have won many friends both in Wales and outside since their inception in 1969. BBC Television viewers will recognise their rousing style of playing from their many appearances on 'Disc A Dawn' and the network series 'The Singing Barn', and delight once again in the immediate appeal made by their singing.

Frank and Dave were born in Cardiff of Irish descent. With that kind of background their eventual success in the field of folk music could hardly be doubted. When this year's miners strike was first announced they were both determined to make what contribution they could to the cause of the Welsh miner. 'We have always' they maintain 'been conscious of the great financial aid given by the miners of Wales to the Irish Transport and General Workers when their Union was threatened by the employers in 1913. We hope that in making this record we' can in some small way repay the miners for their support and generosity at that time'.

The title song, 'Who will cast a Stone' was written by Frank Hennessy especially for the 1972 Strike and clearly illustrates the sympathy and admiration he has for the miners and their cause. 'Farewell to the Rhondda' is another of Frank's songs. This time he views with sadness and great poignancy the plight of the miner without work who is forced to leave home and family in search of a living. 'The Halfpenny Strike' looks back to 1910 and another mining struggle when troops were sent to Tonypandy against the striking men. The last song is already a classic. 'The Gresford Disaster' tells of the explosion at the Gresford Colliery near Wrexham on the twenty-second of September, 1934 in which two hundred and sixty five men lost their lives. At a time when the wages of miners are being disputed it may remind some of the real price of coal.

Ray Smith

Mae hanes chwareli Gogledd a glofeydd y Gogledd-Ddwyrain a'r De yn rhan annatod o hanes diweddar Cymru, ac y mae brwydr fawr y glowyr y dyddiau hyn am gyflog teg yn frwydr y dylem ni fel Gymry ei chefnogi i'r diwedd. Mae'r record hon gan y Gwyddel-Gymry enwog Yr Hennessys yn deyrnged i hanes cythryblus a dewr glowyr Cymru, ac yn ddatganiad clir o gefnogaeth i'r glowyr yn eu brwydr bresennol. Wrth gefnogi'r glowyr yr ydym hefyd yn hybu'r gwaith o ryddhau Cymru o afael y gormeswr a'r ecsploetiwr.

Dafydd Iwan