The Hennessys   •   Great Little Trains Of Wales

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  • Great Little Trains Of Wales
    • 1971 - SAIN 16 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Great Little Trains of Wales (Brian Bull, Jeremy Wormwell)
  • Side Two
    1. Little Railway (Brian Bull, Jeremy Wormwell)
    2. Trenau Bychain Cymru (Frank Hennessy, Huw Jones)

  • Musicians

Sleeve Notes

When you're in Wales, take a ride on one of our great little trains; there are six of them to choose from, all different. To the legion of railway enthusiasts they are little gems, combining the romance of steam with a nostalgia for a peaceful, leisurely age; a sense of adventure with the spirit of discovery. They are the works of pioneers, handed down to us and restored as they were in their own brass-polished, gleaming hey-day. Their gauge—and so the size of their engines and coaches—may differ, but there is one thing all the railway routes have in common: superb scenery. The Snowdon Mountain railway takes you to within a few short steps of the tip of Snowdon's 3,560 ft. summit; from Llanberis the newest line of all gives superb views of Snowdonia, as it runs alongside Llyn Padarn; the Ffestiniograilway runs from Porthmadog for 10 miles along the shoulder's of the Moelwyn Mountains in Snowdonia's National Park, high above the sylvan vale of Ffestiniog. Is there a valley anywhere to compare with it? Perhaps the Vale of Rheidol does, or the Talyllyn Railway's Dolgoch Valley, or, perhaps, that of the Banwy River, as it cuts a course for the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway before turning aside on its way to the cornlands of the Vale of Meifod, ancient seat of the mediaeval rulers of Powys. Who is to choose? Only those who have seen them all can guess at the secret.

But whether you are a narrow gauge fanatic, or one of the thousands who come to Wales for a few weeks of peace and quiet, and happen to discover the charms of the 'Great Little Trains', or simply one who enjoys good folk music , this record is the ideal souvenir of your visit to Wales. These three songs, two in English and one in Welsh, performed by one of the most popular folk groups in Wales today, the Hennessys, will enable you to relive at home those happy summer days until next summer once more gives you the chance to take another trip on the 'Great Little Trains of Wales'.

Dave Burns and Frank Hennessy, both from Cardiff, have been singing together for three years and are much in demand on television , on record and folk clubs in and outside of Wales. On this record Dave sings lead while Frank harmonizes, and between them they play guitar, mandolin and banjo. Their good friend Roger Gape provides the bass.

'Does dim angen cyflwyno'r Hennessys bellach i'w dilynwyr Cymreig. Erbyn hyn, aeth y tri yn ddau, ond ni newidiwyd eu swn hollol arbennig. Mae caneuon yr Hennessys yn ddieithriad yn mynnu aros ym meddwl dyn, ac mae graen ar eu perfformiad bob amser. A dyna gewch chi ar y record yma—canji da a chaneuon hwyliog wrth i Frank a Dave fynd a ni ar daith ddwyieithog o gwmpas un o atyniadau mwyaf Cymru yn ystod misoedd yr haf-y rheilffyrdd bychain.