The Hennessys   •   Yr Hennessy's

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  • Yr Hennessy's
    • 1971 - Cambrain CEP 471 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Cymru Rydd (Trad., Welsh translation: Hywel Gwynfryn)
    2. Hiraeth (Trad. Arr. Yr Hennessys)
  • Side Two
    1. Rheilffordd Bach (Brian Bull, Jeremy Wormwell)
    2. Twm Sion Cati (Words & Music: F. Hennessy, Welsh translation: Hywel Gwynfryn)

  • Musicians
    • Dave Burns: vocals & mandolin
    • Frank Hennessy: vocals & guitar

Sleeve Notes

The Scene: A Dingy Little Pub somewhere in Wales.
Characters: Frank 'Fingers' Hennessy and Dave 'The Rave' Burns.

My name is Hywel Gwynfryn and my job was to try and find out something about the Hennessys new E.P. So I crawled under the table and had the following conversation (conversation! what am I saying?)

Me:  Excuse me.

Frank:  Why, what have you done?

Me:  I'm trying to find out something about your new record.

Frank:  Our new record, like?

Me:  Yes.

Frank:  I'll tell you then. It'll be a round black disc with a hole in the middle.

Me:  That's a change. What will be on it?

Frank:  Depends on who buys it. I suppose.

Me:  What do you mean?

Frank:  Well, three navvies bought our last one. And in no time at all there was draught Guinness all over it.

Me:  I see. What I really meant was. What songs will be on it?

Frank:  I don't know. Ask Dave.

Me:  He knows does he?

Frank:  No. But he says it better than I do.

Me:  Excuse me. Dave.

Dave:  Who are you?

Me:  Hywel Gwynfryn.

Dave:  Well, we've all got our problems.

Me:  Talking about problems! Can you tell me something about your new record?

Dave:  Sure. There are four songs. The title song is an adaptation of an Irish song by Thomas Davis called "A Nation once Again". The Welsh version is "Cymru Rydd'". There's also a translation of a song written by Frank called "Twm Sion Cati".

Me:  Very nice. Who did the Welsh words?

Dave:  Someone called Owerd Gwimper.

Me:  I see. And the other two songs?

Dave:  One is a song about the narrow gauge railway that runs from Talyllyn to Abergynolwyn, and the other is one of our favourite traditional songs called "Hiraeth". Which means "Longing" I think.

Me:  Yes, nostalgia.

Frank:  My aunt had that once.

Me:  What?

Frank:  Neuralgia. She had it very bad.

Me:  (Realizing I've lost) yes…well…er…Thanks very much and all the best with the record.

Dave:  Hey, Frank!

Frank:  Yeh.

Dave:  Who was that?

Frank:  I don't know. I thought he was with you. Has he gone?

Dave:  Yeh.

Frank:  Charming. It was his round too.