Israel Gurion   •   Israel Gurion (2001)

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  • Israel Gurion
    • 2001 - Israphon AP 326/Helicon 02-94142 CD (ISR)
  • Tracklist
    1. Love On The Air (Drora Havkin, Jobim)
    2. Peanuts (Botnim) (Jacques Brel, Israel Gurion)
    3. Osnat (Georges Brassens, Drora Havkin)
    4. Brazilian Port (Drora Havkin, Folk)
    5. Reizelle (Drora Havkin, Folk)
    6. The Rain (Drora Havkin, Folk) — w/Drora Havkin
    7. Little Doll (Georges Brassens, Drora Havkin)
    8. I Don't Care (Drora Havkin, Lennon & McCartney)
    9. I've Offerd You (Yossi Bachar, Israel Gurion)
    10. From The End Of The World (Dalia Heller, Drora Havkin)
    11. Di Gi Di Gi Doom (Michel Legrand, Drora Havkin)
    12. Do Quiera (Folk Song)
  • Extra CD Tracks
    1. Nomi Nomi (Yehiel Halperin, Joel Engel) — (1975)
    2. She Was A Girl With No Name (Jorge Milchberg, Albert Hammond, Mike Hazelwood, Avi Koren) — w/Hanan Yovel (1975)
    3. Hachalil (Flute) (Leah Goldberg, David Zehavi) — Recorded Live in Tel Aviv (2000)
    4. Ani Gitara (I Am A Guitar) (Naomi Shemer) — Recorded Live in Tel Aviv (2000)

  • Credits
    • Israel Gurion: Vocals
    • Drora Havkin: Vocals (Track: 6)
    • Hanan Yovel: Vocals (Track: 14)
    • Arrangements & Conducting: Jack Levy (Tracks: 1-12)
    • Edited by Avi Koren & Batia Shoshani (Tracks: 13 & 14)
    • Editing, Production and Recovery: Nachum Heiman
    • Executive Producer: Itzik Rosen (Helicon)
    • Mastering & Digital Editing: Sol Sebag
    • Original Cover Photography: A. Kidron
    • New Design & Graphics: Micky Goldstein
  • Other releases include …
    • Israel Gurion (1966, ISR) [LP]
      • Tracks: 13-16 are not included on the original 1966 vinyl release.

From the words of the introduction to the original record from 1966:
Israel Gurion is a versatile figure in the theatrical and entertainment world of Israel. He is recognised by many as the thin partner in the "Dudaim Duo" of singers; theatre-lovers have enjoyed his performances In "Arlequino” ("Theatre of the Seasons"), "Pantagleize" (The Cameri Theatre) and "How to Succeed in Business … " (Godek Productions); he has been a member of the Marcel Marceau mime troupe; he has appeared in the films "Dalle and the Sailors" and "Hole in the Moon"; and, of course, he is known to all as a member of the "Yarkon Bridge Trio."

Drora Havkin and Israel Gurion met each other in kindergarten (they studied and played the accordion together) and that's where their friendship began. Drora performed in the Nahal band, studied the history of medieval music at the Sorbonne (France) and was the one who came up with the idea of a record of the translated songs and helped a lot in its production. Known for her beautiful songs, the productions she initiated (street songs) and her love for nature and landscape. Collected many folk songs during her years of activity and arranged for them to be recorded as part of special programs on Kol Israel. At the end of her life she moved to Rosh Pina and grew medicinal plants. She died after a hard fight from a malignant disease. May her memory be blessed.