Gaberlunzie   •   For Auld Lang Syne

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  • For Auld Lang Syne
    • 1994 - Lochshore CDLDL 1224 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. I Will Go (McMillan)
    2. Dirty Old Town (MacColl)
    3. Deid Fish And Deisel (Menzies)
    4. Teuchat Storm (Menzies)
    5. Caledonia (MacLean)
    6. Saddle The Pony/Humours Of Glendart
    7. Let The Eagle Live (Menzies)
    8. The West Wind (Duncan-Watson)
    9. Nancy Whisky
    10. 5 O' Clock In The Morning
    11. Sailor's Hornpipe/Trumpet Hornpipe
    12. Brahan Seer (Menzies)
    13. Auld Lang Syne (Burns)

  • Gaberlunzie
    • Gordon Menzies: vocals, guitar, mandoline
    • Robin Watson: vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Musicians
    • Ronnie Reid: bass
    • Pete Wood: keyboards & accordion
  • Credits
    • Produced by Robin Watson

Sleeve Notes

I Will Go — A stirring song written by the late Roddy McMillan, who is perhaps better remembered as an actor (Para Handy) and as a playwright.

Dirty Old Town One of the many great songs by Ewan McColl — which has become something of a classic. Featuring a beautiful melody, it illustrates how the industrial town gives rise to feelings of both love and hate.

Deid Fish And Diesel — Having been thoroughly inspired by the bracing tang of sea air, Gordon wrote this ditty while crossing The Minch on the good ship Suilven during one of Gaberlunzie's many and happy visits to Stornoway.

Teuchat Storm — The teuchat is another name for a lapwing or peesie, and the teuchat storm is often referred to as the lambing storm. Written in the Scots vernacular, this song recalls the feeing-days of farm workers when men would be forced to seek new employment every six months.

Caledonia — Every Scotsman abroad dreams of home. Some write songs about it. When Dougie wrote this one, he captured the essence of what we all feel when we are separated from what we hold dear.

Saddle The Pony/Humours Of Glendart — a couple of Jigs.

Let The Eagle — Live Although a protected bird in Britain, the golden eagle is still under attack from the most insidious predator of all — man.

The West Wind — "tameless, and swift, and proud" (P. B. Shelley) Nancy Whisky — A traditional Glasgow song denouncing the evils of drink.

Five O' Clock In The Morning — Written by one who has himself hauled the nets on a trawler. This vividly haunting song has an authenticity which speaks for itself.

Sailor's Hornpipe/Trumpet Hornpipe — the second of these tunes is better known as Captain Pugwash.

Brahan Seer — Coinneach Odhar Mackenzie was burned for witchcraft after informing one Lady Seaforth that her husband was being unfaithful in a foreign land. Before his execution he forecast a curse on the Seaforth Family. However, he is mostly remembered for his other prophesies — of which there are many.

Auld Lang Syne — When midnight comes on the 31st of December, across the world a little bit of Scotland leads the way into a new year.