Finbar & Eddie Furey   •   I Live Not Where I Love

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  • I Live Not Where I Love
    • 1975 - Intercord 161.010 LP (DEU)
  • Side One
    1. I Live Not Where I Love (Trad. Arr. Finbar & Eddie Furey)
    2. The Wind That Shakes The Barley (Trad. Arr. Finbar & Eddie Furey)
    3. Lord Lovell (Dave Burland)
    4. Hush Hush (Jim McLean)
    5. The Road To Bally'er (Trad. Arr. Finbar & Eddie Furey)
    6. St. Patrick's Day (Trad. Arr. Finbar & Eddie Furey)
  • Side Two
    1. Crossmaglen (MacIlvogue)
    2. Matt Highland (Trad. Arr. Finbar & Eddie Furey)
    3. Miss McDonalds & Tarbolton (Trad. Arr. Finbar & Eddie Furey)
    4. Whiskey In Me Tay (Hammond)
    5. Tribute To Leo Rowsome
    6. Wounded Knee (Finbar Furey)

  • Musicians
    • Eddie Furey: Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin, Bodhrán
    • Finbar Furey: Vocal, Uillean Pipes, Flutes, Tin Whistle, Guitar, 5 String Banjo
  • Credits
    • Producer: Carsten Linde, Eddie & Finbar Furey
    • Engineer: Conny Plank
    • Recorded at Conny's Studio, Neunkirchen — May 1975
    • Cover Design: Jerken Diederich, Annette Welke
    • Photos: Trawinski (Front), Fern Mehring (Inside), John Leary (Back)
    • Special thanks to our brothers George & Paul and to Davey Arthur for the help in making this record.

Sleeve Notes

I Live Not Where I Love — Learned from Tubby John in the "Dyers Bar", Coventry.

The Wind That Shakes The Barley — Played on a B-flat-Chanter on the pipes and six-string-guitar tuned down. Finbar got this beautiful chanter which was made in 1725 from Tommy Moore when he started learning the pipes. Since that time it still has a reed in it which Finbar made himself when he was twelve years old.

Lord Lovell — This tune was written by the very fine singer Dave Burland.

Hush Hush — A song about the land-clearance in Scotland.

The Road To Bally'er — This tune was the favourite of Eddie and Finbar when they walked home more or less drunk from O'Donoghues Pub to Ballyfermot where they lived. They lilted it all the 5 miles home.

St. Patrick's Day — A traditional sailor's song about the dangers crossing Newfoundland.

Crossmaglen — "The Men Of No Property" recorded this song in 1974. The tape from which Eddie learned the song was censored by a well-known German record company which never brought out the great LP of "The Men Of No Property". Crossmaglen is situated at the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and is respected for its freedom fighters. McVerry, the IRA-Commander mentioned in this song fell 23rd March 1974 fighting the English.

Matt Highland — A beautiful traditional ballad which is still well known.

Miss McDonalds & Tarbolton — Learned from the fine fiddle player Brian Patton.

Whiskey In Me Tay — A contemporary song about teatotallers and dealing men.

Tribute To Leo Rowsome — A lament and a reel put together by Finbar as a tribute to Leo Rowsome, a great Irish piper who died in 1972 and whom Finbar greatly admired personally and musically. Leo Rowsome taught many but is remembered by few.

Wounded Knee — Finbar wrote this song after reading the book "Wounded Knee".