Finbar & Eddie Furey   •   The Dawning of the Day

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  • The Dawning of the Day
    • 1972 - Dawn DNLS 3037 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Drops Of Brandy
    2. My Lagan Love
    3. Farewell To Tarwathy
    4. Locks And Bolts
    5. William Hollander
    6. Crowleys Reel
    7. Jennifer Gentle (Finbar & Eddie Furey)
    8. Barney Hare
  • Side Two
    1. Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway (Gerry Rafferty)
    2. Reynardine
    3. The French Drink Wine (Seamus McGrath)
    4. Blackbird
    5. The Dawning of the Day
    6. Coppers And Brass
    7. Tie The Bonnet
    8. Sally Sits Weeping

  • Credits
    • Producer: Barry Murray
    • Engineer: Terry Evennett
    • String Bass: Brian Brockhurst
    • Photographs: Clive Coote
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. Finbar & Eddie Furey, unless otherwise noted.

Sleeve Notes

Drops Of Brandy — Trad. Scottish. Finbar is experimenting on this one. He wrote an additional part on the end as he thought the original was too short.

Lagan Love — This is an old song about a man who dreams of meeting the Fairie Queene and wants to marry her, but of course he can't as he is a mortal. When he wakes up he lives the dream and pines for her, then dies of love.

Farewell To Tarwathy — This is a well known old Scottish whaling song.

Locks And Bolts — An Elizabethan song about a maid in distress. And the young knight coming to rescue her. A lot of the words were rewritten by Finbar and Eddie.

William Hollander — A traditional pirate song about slavery otherwise known as 'The Flying Cloud'. Like most of the other songs on the record this is one that Finbar and Eddie picked up at some session somewhere.

Crowley's Reel — Crowley was a piper in Ireland, and one of the few of his time who could make reeds for the pipes. All the pipers would come to him when they broke a reed, or needed a new one and to soft soap him into making a good one many of them would write a tune for him, consequently there are many Crowley's reels. This is one of them.

Jennifer Gentle — The idea for this song came from a friend called Brian Harrison. Is is based on 'The Devil's Nine Questions' an old Irish song. Finbar and Eddie rewrote the words and music.

Barney Hare — Trad. Irish Emigration song.

Reynardine — Traditional song about a young man on the run from the Redcoats. They can never catch him so the spread about the story that he is a Werewolf. While hiding from them he meets and seduces a young girl.

The French Drink Wine — Drinking song written by Seamus McGrath of carrick on Suir.

Blackbird — This was written as a hornpipe by a priest on his way to perform the last Rites. Finbar has played it as a lament, to suit the occasion better, then he finishes up with the original hornpipe.

Dawning Of The Day — An old Irish Gaelic air to which Eddie put words.

Coppers And Brass — This jig was mostly rewritten by Finbar as the style in which he plays the pipes did not suit the original tune. He says, 'When I get a tune I like to be able to play it at least 3 different ways.' Like the man who wrote the original, Johnny Doran, he never plays a tune the same way twice.

Tie the Bonnet — An old Irish tune that Finbar and Eddie enjoy playing. They are again experimenting on this, which many people know they do often, but this is the first record they've done it on.

Sally Sits Weeping — Trad., song about a young girl rejected by her lover, looking out to sea and vowing to follow him. Finbar and Eddie got this song from Dr. Frank Jeal of Trinity College, Dublin.