The Fureys   •   My Fathers House

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  • My Fathers House
    • 2005 - Court Records CTCD001 CD (IRL)
  • Tracklist
    1. Rambling Boy (Tom Patxon)
    2. My Father's House (Kevin Sheeran)
    3. Gallipoli (Swan/Doyle)
    4. This ones for you (Terry Bradford)
    5. First Leaves of Autumn (Lyle/Gallagher)
    6. Geraldines Thinking of Galway (Pat McKernan)
    7. Will you dance with me (Maria Forde)
    8. Bygone Days (Terry Bradford/Sussie Arvesen)
    9. Late Starters in Love (Denis Allen)
    10. Waltz of the Years (Eamon Friel)
    11. Railway Hotel (Mike Batt)
    12. There's nothing wrong with me (I just haven't got a job) (Terry Bradford)

  • Musicians
    • George Furey: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    • Eddie Furey: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Mandolin
    • Peter Browne: Accordion
    • Chris 'Snake' Davis: Whistle
    • Terry Bradford: Lead, Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals, Banjo
    • Craig Saul: Keyboards
    • Penolope Gee: Violin
    • Rachel Saunders: Oboe
    • Sussie Arvesen: Additional Backing Vocals
  • Credits
    • Produced by Terry Bradford
    • Arranged by Terry Bradford and the Fureys
    • Engineered & Mixed at The Famous Music Co, Bromsgrove, England
    • Engineered & Mixed by Terry Bradford
    • Studio Assistant: Ashley Rutter
    • Photography: Joe McCadden
    • Artwork: Mullen Print
    • Management: Joe McCadden Promotions, Castleknock, Dublin

Sleeve Notes

We would like to dedicate this album to Derek McCormack, our close friend and bass guitarist who passed away last January. While touring the world, Derek and our late brother Paul shared hotel rooms, breakfast tables and sat together on airplanes and touring busses and we are sure they are playing some great music up there while keeping an eye on us.

You are never too far from our minds.