The Fureys   •   I Will Love You

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  • I Will Love You
    • 2003 - Burd BRCD 1003 CD (IRL)
  • Tracklist
    1. I Will Love You (Everytime) (Tom Paxton)
    2. The Sun is Burning (Ian Campbell)
    3. This Old Man (Phil Coulter)
    4. Steal Away (Phil Coulter)
    5. The Road to The Unknown (Terry Bradford, Sussie Arvesen, George Furey)
    6. Her Father didn't like me anyway (Gerry Rafferty)
    7. The Grand Affair (Ralph McTell)
    8. For Those we left Behind (Matt Manning)
    9. Tara Hill (Danny Ellis)
    10. From Clare To Here (Ralph McTell)
    11. Mary Tyler (Terry Bradford)
    12. The Autumn Leaves are Falling (Terry Bradford, Sussie Arvesen)
    13. Catch The Wind (Donavan Philip Leitch)
    14. So Long (Alex Campbell)
    15. Red Rose Café (P. Kartner, D. Black)
    16. Weeping Willows (Charlie Chaplin)

  • Musicians
    • Acoustic Guitars: George Furey. Terry Bradford, Paul Byrne and Dave White
    • Accordion: Paul Furey and Monty Mooney
    • Keyboards: Terry Bradford, Noel Kelehan, Seamus Brett and Chris Kineavey
    • Mandolin: Eddie Furey
    • Bass Guitar Terry Bradford, Paul Byrne and Geraint Robert
    • Whistles &. Flutes: Chris "Snake" Davis
    • Violin: Maurice Hipkiss
    • Backing Vocals: George Furey, Eddie Furey, Paul Furey and Terry Bradford
  • Credits
    • Tracks: 1, 2, 6, 8 & 13
      • Produced by Terry Bradford and the Fureys
      • Recorded at the famous Music Company, Bromsgrove, England
      • Engineered & mixed by Terry Bradford
    • Tracks: 5, 11, 12 & 14
      • Produced by Terry Bradford
      • Recorded at the famous Music Company, Bromsgrove, England
      • Engineered & mixed by Terry Bradford
    • Tracks: 3 & 16
      • Produced by The Fureys and Josephine Chaplin
      • Recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin, Ireland
      • Engineered & Mixed by Dave Slevin, Bill Sommerville-large and Greg French
      • String Arrangement by Noel Kelehan
    • Tracks: 9 & 15
      • Produced by The Fureys
      • Recorded at Starc Studios, Dublin, Ireland
      • Engineered & mixed by Jonathan McEvoy & Terence Bonnar
    • Track: 4
      • Produced by Phil Coulter.
      • Recorded at Chipping Norton Studios, England
      • Engineered & Mixed by Barry Hammond
    • Track: 7
      • Recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin, Ireland
      • Produced by Dermot O'Brien
      • Engineered by Freddie Meijer
    • Track: 10
      • Produced by The Fureys
      • Recorded at Dublin Sound Studios, Dublin, Ireland
      • Engineered by Pat Morley
    • Art & Design: Kew Plan Studios, Dublin

Sleeve Notes

For the last 25 years we have been playing our brand of music in the four comers of the world and along the way we have met so many people from all walks of life. Its not an easy life being a musician and last June we lost our brother Paul, who sadly passed away leaving us heart-broken but we know he is always here in our hearts. This new CD album is dedicated to the memory of our brother Paul. He is singing a beautiful song on it called "Weeping Willows" written by Charlie Chaplin.

George Furey

That's one more concert over and as we sit here in the dressing room the quietness gets to me. Of course what's missing is our brother Paul with his ould stories and gags both before and after every show. He had marvelous humour and wit and a great time for the audience after the show. He would go missing and you would find him at the bar of the venues telling jokes and stories, yes he would give everyone a great time, Paul was like that. Yes he is missed and will be for the rest of our lives. Thank you Paul for being our brother and our friend and we will see you the next time around.

Eddie Furey

On the 16th June 2002 accordion player, comedian, magician, story teller, dad and husband Paul Furey passed away. He was regarded as the quiet brother of the Fureys as he seldom spoke on stage but was happy to let the amazing skills of his fingers do his talking on his accordions and spoons. However anyone who was ever in his company at a bar, airport or on a golf course knew he was far from quiet. He was probably one of the finest storytellers ever to come from Ireland and even though some of his stories were far from true he was able to keep everyone captivated from start to finish. Two days before he went into hospital George, Eddie, Paul and I met in Paul's house (where we had all our meetings) to decide on the final list of songs for this album. Although we knew he would have to take some time off to recuperate, we expected Paul to be out again in about two weeks. However, none of us were prepared for his sudden death. Within days of his passing I received phone calls, letters, faxes and emails from his fans and friends in countries too numerous to mention — a testament to his popularity worldwide. As Paul often said "He's a mate of mine" — Is that right? Yeah.

Joe McCadden