The Fureys   •   May We All Someday Meet Again

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  • May We All Someday Meet Again
    • 1996 - Ceol CDC 008 CD (IRL)
  • Tracklist
    1. May We All Someday Meet Again (Mark Leehy)
    2. Leaves In The Wind (Paddy Houlihan)
    3. Make A Friend (Steve & Chuck Romanoff)
    4. Waltzing Matilda My Darling (Maria Forde)
    5. The Busker (John English)
    6. Through The Eyes Of An Irishman (Terry Bradford)
    7. Oh No (The Frying Pan Song) (Terry Bradford)
    8. The Princess Of The Tide (Teresa O'Donnell)
    9. Invisible Me (Paul Kelly)
    10. She Touched You (Jim Herd, Eddie Furey)
    11. Bonny Glenshee (Hamish Henderson)
    12. Dublin You're Breaking My Heart (Ian Campbell, Aidan Forde)
    13. One More For The Road (John Williamson)
    14. I'll Be There (Fairbairn, Bowen)

  • The Fureys
    • George Furey: Vocals. Acoustic Rhythm Guitars & Mandolin
    • Paul Furey: Vocals, Accordions & Whistles
    • Eddie Furey: Vocals, Mandolin, Mandola, Harmonica & bodhràn
  • Musicians
    • Terry Bradford: Solo Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar & Banjo
    • Teddy Delamere: Banjos & Mandolin
    • Brian Furlong: Acoustic Bass Guitar & Whistles
    • Alan Connaughton: Keyboards
    • Peter Ware: Keyboards
    • Gerry Simpson: Keyboards
    • Mick Doherty: Acoustic Guitar
    • Francie Conway: Acoustic Guitar
  • Credits
    • All tracks Arranged and Produced by George, Paul & Eddie Furey
      • Except: "Oh No" (The Frying Pan Song) by Terry Bradford & George Furey
    • Tracks: 1-6 & 9-14 recorded at Stare Studios, Dublin
      • Engineer: Jonathan McEvoy
    • Track: 7 recorded at the famous Music Company, Bromsgrove, England
      • Engineer: Peter Ware
    • Track: 8 recorded at Sidetrax Studio, Drogheda
      • Engineer: Gerry Simpson
    • Mixed at the famous Music Company, Bromsgrove, England by George Furey Terry Bradford & Peter Ware.
    • Photography: Peter Barrow, Dublin.
    • Art and Design: Kew Plan Studios, Dublin

Sleeve Notes

I have known George, Paul and Eddie Furey for quite a while now and I have seen them perform many times. When I was manager of the Republic of Ireland football team we used to play the Fureys tapes in the bus on the way to the games. Not only do I love their music but all the team do as well — so much so that both Packie Bonner and Mick McCarthy have had them perform after their testimonial dinners.

I look forward to many more nights in the company of the lads whether it be at a concert in Newcastle, a session in the Baggot in Dublin or just listening to this album.

Good luck lads and I hope it sells a million!


I eagerly await to hear 'May We All Someday Meet Again'. The Fureys have been friends and heroes of mine for many years. They deserve the success and acclaim which I fully anticipate the release of this new album will bring.


I have always been in love with Ireland and when I first heard George, Paul and Eddie Furey I felt the same deep emotion as when I come back to this country.

I am now an addict of their music and look forward every year to hearing them perform in Waterville, Co. Kerry, at the Charlie Chaplin Golf Am Am.


I first heard the Furey Brothers in 1968 when Win White of the Highcliff Folk Club in Sheffield was raving about these two young fellows with incredible talent. Eddie and his shy younger brother Finbar who played the uileann pipes. Stories of their adventures pour out of them and they always seem to know what I've been doing and have some comment to make about my latest writing, and when our work is finished the 'craic' is always great.

From Dusseldorf to Dublin, from Milltown to Melbourne, it's been my pleasure to share the stage with them. From the Royal Albert Hall, London, to some tiny Irish club in Luton, we've shared a pint, laughter and music, Here's to the next time.


We would like to thank our families for their support while making this album, Josephine Chaplin, Jack Charlton, Billy Connolly and Ralph McTell for their friendship over the years, our 'Sound Man' Billy Gorman, our Australian friends Billy Burke and Gerry Duane. Frank and Johnny Smith, Gerry Crowe, Evelyn McCadden for her hours of typing and Sussi Arvesen for her help while in Bromsgrove. We wish to dedicate The Busker' to the memory of Alan Connaughton from Stare Studios who died in May 1996. Alan helped us a lot in the early stages of this album with his keyboard playing.

We are also delighted to have our late father Ted Furey's picture featured on the cover, both he and our late mother, Nora, inspired us during our childhood with their love of music — May We All Someday Meet Again.