The Fureys & Davey Arthur   •   In Concert (Live From The National Stadium, Dublin)

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  • In Concert (Live From The National Stadium, Dublin)
    • 1983 - RTE 71 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. When You Were Sweet Sixteen (Thornton, Furey)
    2. Alcoholidays (F. Furey, D. Arthur)
    3. Steal Away (P. Coulter)
    4. Poem To The Lonesome Boatman — The Lonesome Boatman (F. Furey)
    5. Silver Threads Amongst The Gold (Trad., Arr. P. Coulter)
  • Side Two
    1. The Green Fields Of France (E. Bogle)
    2. Seige Of A Nation (Mikis Theodracus)
    3. I Will Love You Ev'rytime (T. Paxton)
    4. Gallipoli (Swan, Doyle)
    5. The Old Man (P. Coulter)
    6. She Came To Me (F. Furey)

  • Musicians
    • Eddie Furey, Finbar Furey, Paul Furey, George Furey & Davey Arthur
  • Credits
    • Producer: Ian McGarry
    • Recorded at National Stadium, Dublin
    • TV Director: John Williams
    • Sound: Charles Byrne
    • Sleeve Design: Shoot That Tiger!
    • Concept & Co-ordination: McDonagh Associates