The Fureys & Davey Arthur   •   The Green Fields Of France

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  • The Green Fields Of France
    • 1979 - Banshee BAN 1001 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. The Green Fields Of France (E. Bogle)
    2. Garrett Barry's Jig (Trad.)
    3. Grande Affair (Ralph McTell)
    4. Morning Cloud; New Copperplate & Arthur's Hornpipe (Trad.)
    5. Evening Falls (G. Furey)
  • Side Two
    1. Lament (Trad.)
    2. The Reason I Left Mullingar (P. Cooksey)
    3. Morning Lies Heavy (A. Taylor)
    4. Ted Furey's Selection (Trad.)
    5. Night Ferry (F. Furey, W. Jones)

  • Musicians
    • Eddie Furey, Finbar Furey, Paul Furey, George Furey & Davey Arthur
  • Credits
    • Producer: Dermot O'Brien
    • Recorded at Lombard Sound Studios
    • Engineer: Fred Meijer
    • Arranged by The Fureys & Davey Arthur
    • Photography: Tom McElroy
    • Design: Dara O'Lochlainn & Associates

Sleeve Notes

It was sometime last year that my manager Jim Hand began telling me of The Fureys & Davey Arthur, how he had met them and been captivated, not alone by their music, but their love of music and their zest and enthusiasm in playing it. Later Jim told me he was to manage the group and I was hearing so much about them from him that I decided to go and see what it was all about. Their ability, drive, creativity and sparkle was tremendous. Add to this a natural stage presence and a great talent all the boys have for repartee and wit and you go someway towards understanding what makes The Fureys & Davey Arthur the biggest folk group in Ireland today. But to really know and feel what this marvellous group is all about you must catch one of their shows-and if you do, take my advice and go early. Their performances these days are sell out and the receptions I have seen them get recently have been ecstatic and something the like of which I have never seen any artiste or group get in my time in show business.

Since my first visit to hear the boys, I have seen and heard them many times and I am proud to number them among my friends. I have come to appreciate their great love of music, they are forever composing, arranging, talking and arguing songs. In fact I am never more than five minutes in Finbar's company until he is singing a new song in my ear! One of these songs I have recorded as my new single, written by Finbar himself. Eddie and George are also prolific song writers. In fact music is their life.

I have been honoured to be asked to produce this album including their huge hit "The Green Fields of France'" which I first heard-yes, you've guessed it, when Finbar sang it in my ear in a crowded Dublin bar! This success really put the seal on what has been an unstoppable surge to the pinnacle of popularity by the group. Their success is well deserved. A visit to a show by George, Paul, Eddie and Finbar Furey and Davey Arthur is an experience. It is impossible to be unaffected or uninvolved, whether by a wild reel which comes leaping from the pipes and accordion, or by a haunting air on the whistle or flute or by a lively song or sad song. You are caught up in the atmosphere and the occasion that is an integral part of any show given by the lads.

Boys, thank you for your friendship and your music. It was a pleasure working with you on this album. It is always a pleasure to hear and to be in your company. I hope 1979 will bring you even more success, if such a thing is possible.

Oh yes! Thank you Jim for telling me.

Dermot O'Brien
Dublin, 1979