Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger & Charles Parker   •   On the Edge

  • On the Edge
    • 1971 - Argo DA 136 LP (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. I've always kept a diary
    2. The tale of the children of a troubled world
    3. What is it like, the world outside
    4. I find it very difficult to talk to my parents
    5. Where is the child who would climb on my knee
    6. Yes sir, no sir, goodbye
    7. What have you got to worry about?
    8. I got me tight black jeans
    9. The world that I know, it has vanished and gone
    10. I've had thoughts
    11. Why should you be lonely
    12. It actually gives me a thrill
    13. Frankly, the idea of intercourse and sex revolts me
    14. I think we should be getting married
    15. In a world like this, everything changes so rapidly
    16. The tale of the children of the troubled world
    17. Life has got everything to offer

  • Instrumentalists
    • Peggy Seeger: Guitar, Banjo, Mountain Dulcimer, Autoharp
    • Alf Edwards: Concertina, Occarina, Trombone
    • Alfie Kahn: Clarinet, Piccolo, Harmonica, Flute
    • Bryan Daly: Guitar & Electric Guitar.
    • Jim Bray: Double Bass
    • Colin Ross: Northumbrian Pipes & Fiddle
    • Tony Martin: Bongo Drums
    • Ronnie Hughes: Trumpet
  • Credits
    • A Radio Ballad by Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger & Charles Parker
    • Lyrics & Music by Ewan MacColl
    • Arrangements & Musical Direction by Peggy Seeger
    • Produced by Charles Parker
    • Recorded with the Co-operation of B.B.C. Radio Enterprises
    • Sleeve Photograph: Harley J. Usill
    • BBC Home Service, first broadcast February 13, 1963
  • Notes
    • Information on this release comes from outside sources.