Eric Bogle   •   I Wrote This Wee Song

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  • I Wrote This Wee Song
    • 1994 - Greentrax CDTRAX 082D CD (UK)
  • Disc One
    1. Sound Of Singing
    2. Leaving The Land
    3. Silly Slang Song
    4. Mirrors
    5. A Reason For It All
    6. Flying Finger Filler
    7. Vanya
    8. Don't You Worry About That
    9. Somewhere In America
    10. Them Old Song Writing Blues
    11. Rosie
  • Disc Two
    1. Feed The Children
    2. Singing The Spirit Home
    3. Leaving Nancy
    4. Now I'm Easy
    5. Plastic Paddy
    6. No Mans Land
    7. Never Again O Remember
    8. Short White Blues
    9. Welcome Home
    10. Daniel Smiling
    11. Eric And The Informers
    12. Shelter
    13. The Gift Of Years

  • Musicians
    • Eric Bogle: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
    • Brent Miller: electric bass, acoustic guitar, harmony vocals
    • John Munro: acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmony vocals
    • Andy McGloin: electric & acoustic guitars, electric bass, harmony vocals
    • Ian Blake: keyboards, electric bass, mouth synthesizer, melodica, harmony vocals
  • Credits
    • Recorded live at the Adelaide Arts Theatre — 31st July, 1993
    • Concert sound engineer: Anthony Baldwin
    • Tape deck operator: Kim Webster assisted by Russell Spencer
    • Mixed by Tony Elliott at Bartels St Studio, Adelaide
    • Sleeve Design by John Naxby (art surgery)
    • All songs composed by Eric Bogle and published by Larrikin Music
    • Thanks to:
      • Arthur Laing, the boys In the band, the audience and everyone else involved In this project — KEEP MUSIC LIVE!

Sleeve Notes

ON 17th JUNE, 1993, the boys and I, full of verve, vim and vigour, set out on a round-Australia tour, ostensibly to promote our new CD Mirrors, but mainly to have a good time, play a bit of music, knock back the occasional whisky, and generally misbehave ourselves in a middle-aged sort of way.

Thirty-seven concerts later on 31 st July 1993, having achieved most of our objectives and therefore consequently just ever so slightly frayed around the edges, we shambled onto the stage at the Adelaide Arts Theatre for the final concert of the tour.

We recorded that final concert and this the result. We hope you enjoy it. We certainly had a good time and the audience seemed to enjoy themselves as well, although admittedly, because Adelaide is our home town, a large proportion of them consisted of our respective wives, sweethearts, sons and daughters, aunties, uncles, friends, enemies, and also various sundry creditors.

Because this a recording of a live concert, there are some rough spots, that's the nature of the beast, but hopefully those will be balanced by the immediacy and energy of the live performance. When we mixed this recording in the studio, nothing was added to the mix. No instruments, no vocals, no recording studio fairy floss. It's all as it went to tape. And we omitted nothing either, apart from a couple of wee swear words, and some of the more inane jokes and introductions. Oh, and we had to cut out some of the applause, in order to get all the songs on the recording. That really hurt. To a musician, the sweetest music of all on a live recording is the audience applause.

Anyway enough chat. Sit back, relax, enjoy the concert.
"When the music starts, open your hearts … "