Eric Bogle   •   The Eric Bogle Songbook (UK)

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  • The Eric Bogle Songbook (Volume One)
    • 1989 - Greentrax CDTRAX 028 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. Reason for It All
    2. Nobody's Moggy Now
    3. Hard Hard Times
    4. Scraps of Paper
    5. If Wishes Were Fishes
    6. Front Row Cowboy
    7. And the Played Waltzing Matilda
    8. Little Gomez
    9. Aussie Bar-B-Q
    10. When the Wind Blows

  • Credits
    • All songs by Eric Bogle, published by Larrikin Music.

Sleeve Notes

Eric Bogle is internationally recognised as a powerful and well-crafted songwriter and performer. His songs have been accepted by singers, fellow songwriters and all those who appreciate songs that tug at the heart-strings and tickle the funny-bone. The prestigious British industry magazine New Musical Express hailed him as 'one of the most important songwriters of the decade'.

A Reason For It All — This song is unfortunately based on a true story. Clare lived and died in Sydney, Australia. There are so many isolated and lonely people in our society, many of them old and sick, a fact which I become more uncomfortably aware as I slide down towards 50 years of age. One of the main yardsticks by which any society must be judged is how that society cares for the disadvantaged, i.e. the people who cannot care for themselves, mainly the young, the old, the sick, the poor. I wonder if my society measures up? I don't think so.

Nobody's Moggy Now — The note accompanying 'Little Gomez' explains!

Hard Hard Times — The plight of Aboriginals in Australia is a sad one, and one which is reflected in the native minorities in many countries. It is not official neglect which is destroying the culture of these gentle people, nor deliberate policy, just the over-powering-weight of the white man's culture. There are no easy answers to the problem, but answers must be found, or Australian Aboriginals and all other native minorities like them will eventually vanish forever.

Scraps Of Paper — From the day I was bom to the day my father died we were strangers to each other. After he died, I was clearing out his room and found a bundle of papers upon which he'd written little poems setting out his hopes, dreams, his love for his family, etc. I felt angry and cheated, because here in my hand was one line of communication between us. Too late, too late.

If Wishes Were Fishes — When I was a wee boy in Scotland this was one of my mother's favourite sayings. She was full of them unfortunately. I thought it deserved a song.

Front Row Cowboy — This song was written for Roy Rogers.

And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda — An attempt to try and express on one hand, my revulsion of war, and on the other, my genuine admiration for all the brave men who fought at Gallipolli, Turkey, volunteers to a man!

Little Gomez — I wrote 'He's Nobody's Moggy Now' in 1982 which alienated every cat-lover in the Southern Hemisphere, and a fair proportion in the Northern Hemisphere as well. Greedy sod that I am, I could not rest till I'd alienated all the dog-lovers as well. This did it!

Aussie Bar-B-Q — The Aussie barbie is a much loved Pagan rite which takes place all over the country each summer. To those bewildered Pommies who just cannot grasp the subtle enjoyment of this culinary extravaganza this song is humbly offered. "Snags" — sausages; "Dunny" — toilet; "Aerogard" — insect repellent; "Mozzies" — mosquitoes; "Bull ants" — a gigantic ant which bites big toes; "Esky" — polystyrene container which keeps the beer cold and therefore ranks in Australia as an invention equalling if not surpassing the electric light.

When The Wind Blows — This song was inspired by the book of the same name by Raymond Briggs. It's a chilling little book. I'd like to lend a copy to the world leaders, it might frighten them. It certainly frightened me, and this song is the result.