The Dudaim (Hadudaim)   •   The Dudaim's 10th Anniversary [CD]

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  • The Dudaim's 10th Anniversary
    • 2002 - Hed-Arzi 64386 CD (ISR)
  • Tracklist
    1. Medley:
      1. Erev Shel Shoshanim (Night of Roses) (Moshe Dor, Yosef Hadar)
      2. Tapuach Hinani (Pretty Apple) (Moshe Dor, Yosef Hadar)
    2. Shayereth Harokhvim (Rider's Caravan) (Elipaz, Sh. Israeli)
    3. Hekhalil (the Flute) (L. Goldberg, D. Zehavi)
    4. Gever Ve'isha (A Man and a Woman) (A. Ettinger, F. Lai, P. Barouh)
    5. Shir Le'Khag Assor (Tenth Anniversary Song) (Naomi Shemer)
    6. Rad Halayla (Night Falls) (Y. Orland, folktune)
    7. Sinner Man (Folklore)
    8. The Overgate (Folklore)
    9. Kama Tov Lashir (What a Pleasure is singing) (Yaakov Shabtai, Yohanan Zaraï)
    10. Shuv Babayit (Home Again) (D. Almagor, A. Levanon)
    11. Shir Hapundekayith (The Innkeeper's Song) (N. Alterman, G. Bertini)
    12. Ma Lamadta Bagan Hayom (What have you learned in school today?) (H. Heffer, T. Paxton)
    13. Krav Har'el (Har'el Battle) (H. Heffer, folktunes)
    14. Ksheyavo Shalom (When peace will come) (H. Heffer, folktune)

  • The Dudaim
    • Benny Amdursky: Vocals
    • Israel Gurion: Vocals & Guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Benny Amdursky
    • Recorded live at the Mann Auditorium (Tel Aviv in February 1968)
    • Instrumental Arrangements, Conducted and Supervised by David Kribushey
    • Photos: Ya'akov & Alex Agor
    • Artwork: Gila Shakin

  • Notes
    • Most sources I have found for this recording don't mention Robin Hall and Jimmie Macgregor by name; if referred to at all, it is usually as "a pair of Irish folk singers".
    • To my knowledge, this the only recording of all four members of The Yarkon Trio preforming together (as a group) — Benny, Israel, Arik Einstein & Yehoram Gaon