The Dudaim (Hadudaim)   •   The World in Black and White [CD]

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  • The World in Black and White
    • 2000 - Israfon AP 345/Helicon 02-94127 CD (ISR)
  • Tracklist
    1. The World in Black and White (Israel Gurion)
    2. Take (Mati Caspi, Ehud Manor)
    3. In the Fields of Beit-Lechem (Neomi Shemer)
    4. Agassy Wishes to Be Famous (Meir Agassi, Mati Caspi)
    5. Les Bourgeois (Dan Almagor, Jacques Brel)
    6. Plastic Hammer (Dan Almagor, Ave Orchover)
    7. War Is Bad (Jonathan Geffen, Geraldo Vandre)
    8. Mrs. Adriana Blumenthal (Meir Agassi, Mati Caspi)
    9. Jug of Punch (Jacob Shabtai, Folk)
    10. Don't Want to Get Up in The Morning (Israel Gurion)
    11. Para-Para (Dan Almagor, Piero Umiliani)
    12. Who Counts (Jonathan Geffen, Mati Caspi)

  • The Dudaim
    • Benny Amdursky: Vocals
    • Israel Gurion: Vocals & Guitar
  • Credits (Original 1971 release)
    • Arranged & Conducted by Mati Caspi
    • Photo: Hananya Herman
    • Cover Design: Gila Shakin
    • Produced by Benny Amdursky
  • Credits (2000 release)
    • Producer & Editor on behalf of Israfon: Nachum Heiman
    • Producer & Editor on behalf of the Israel Broadcasting Authority: Gilad Ben-Schach
    • Main Producer of the nostalgia series: Itzik Alsheikh
    • Editor in charge of the series: Tami Szatmary
      • Special thanks to Dana Franklin and Hadas Sasson
    • Mastering & Digital Editing: Haim Gozali & Itzik, Filiba Master Disk Studios, Tel Aviv, Israel.
    • Re-design and graphics: Micky Goldstein
    • Warm thanks to Amnon Shiloni, Network Manager

Sleeve Notes

The pair of Dudaim, Israel Gurion and Benny Amdursky were seen by the public as close to a pair of guitars, with a smile and wonderful voices. The CD that is presented to you is different from all the other Dudaim albums thanks to the touch of Matti Caspi, the arranger and the producer.

The accompanying orchestra took the place of guitars and the result is different, interesting and wonderful. This CD is an example of a great production in which the arranger, Matti Caspi outlined a different kind of tone, slightly different from the folk songs that the pair was used to at the time. Its uniqueness lies in its diversity.

On the CD you will find songs composed by Israel Gurion himself on the side of Matti Caspi's melodies, which did not go very far to write melodies for other singers and all these, along with poems by Jacques Brel and others.

This production was and remains unique and different from most of the productions we knew from the Dudaim couple and we are proud to return it to the audience on a restored CD.

Unfortunately, we could not get the name of the original recording technician, and the name of the musicians, who share the success of the World in Black and White no less than the production team, and we thank them and hope that they are forgiven. The series of nostalgia of the Israpon CDs is dedicated entirely to Naftali Alsheikh, who in all his years spent most of his time recording the productions of which this CD is one of them. All the songs on this CD were carefully restored and edited, some of the songs we copied from old (and sometimes a little squeaky) records left little scars of "points of grace" here and there. We preferred the original source and the original fragrance of the production to "over-indulgence" even if a slight tinge of hoarseness was added here and there. The songs, the music, and the production ... were always authentic as originally recorded.

Nachum Heiman, Gilad Ben-Shach

Special thanks to the collectors Eran Litvin, Ofer Ronen, Shimon Ben-Nun and Meir Cohen who, without their dedication to the collector's hobby and without their unflagging help, would not have seen this light.

Much of the above text was translated from Hebrew via "Google Translate",