The Dudaim (Hadudaim)   •   Tzarich Lishmor Al Kosher (Need To Keep Fit) [CD]

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  • Tzarich Lishmor Al Kosher (Need To Keep Fit)
    • 1994 - Hed-Arzi M14349 CD (ISR)
  • Tracklist
    1. Tzarich Lishmor Al Kosher (Need To Keep Fit) (Meir Ariel, Trad.)
    2. Danny Boy (Yaakov Shabtai, Susan and Fran, Trad.)
    3. Roddy McCorley (Yaakov Shabtai, Trad.)
    4. Spring and Autumn (Yaakov Shabtai, Trad.)
    5. Lily Trelew (Rose of Tralee) (Yaakov Shabtai, Trad.)
    6. Barbara Allen (Yaakov Shabtai, Trad.)
    7. Finnegan's Wake (Yaakov Shabtai, Trad.)
    8. Uri Uri (Dan Almagor, Trad.)
    9. Eize Layla Cham (The Overgate) (Dan Almagor, Trad.)
    10. Simchat Ohev (Joy of Love) (Yaakov Shabtai, Trad.)
    11. Road to the Isles (Dan Almagor, Trad.)
    12. Shlosha Orvim (Three Crows) (Yaakov Shabtai, Trad.)

  • The Dudaim
    • Benny Amdursky: Vocals
    • Israel Gurion: Vocals & Guitar
  • Credits
    • The songs were collected from the radio show "Do Re and Who Else"
    • The recordings were made in the studios of the Israel Broadcasting Authority
    • Digital Mastering: Alex Reznik — H.M. Acustica Studios.
    • Cover Photo: Studio Gavra
    • Cover Design: Danny Kerman
    • Reissue Producer: Mati Alhanati