The Dudaim (Hadudaim)   •   Say lt With Flowers

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  • Say lt With Flowers
    • 1963 - Litraton, 12015 LP (ISR)
  • Side One
    1. Say It With Flowers (Asaf, Seltzer)
    2. Fair Maid (Shemer, Ginsberg)
    3. A Girl's A Girl (Eshkoleet) (Havazelet, Folk)
    4. A New Day Dawns (S. Halfi, Noy)
    5. Come Morning (Sara Levi)
    6. Out To The Meadow (Song of Songs, Seltzer)
    7. My Heart's In The Highlands (Shabtai, Levanon)
  • Side Two
    1. Ella-La (Ettinger, Seltzer)
    2. San Miguel (Almagor, Jane Bowers)
    3. The Open Road, (Yonatan, Folk)
    4. A Thousand Eyes (A. Ben Zeev, Netser)
    5. Come With Me (Ben Zeev, Biderman)
    6. Who Killed Cock Robin (Manosi, Folk)
    7. Good Night (Drora Chavkin)

  • The Dudaim
    • Benny Amdursky: Vocals
    • Israel Gurion: Vocals & Guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Israphone, Israel
    • Orchestral and Vocal Arrangements: Arieh Levanon

Sleeve Notes

We are pleased to present still another "DUDAIM" record.

BENNY (Amdursky) and ISRAEL (Gurion) toured Europe and the U. S. for three years, scoring gratifying success in night club and TV engagements, and in recording. On their return, they were, as always, warmly received by the Israeli public — in kibbutzim, in army comps, and on the stage of the Cameri Theatre.

As is their custom, BENNY and ISRAEL have carefully chosen the songs on this record. The majority were specially written for them by the best Israeli song-writers; a few are revivals of old songs in the "DUDAIM" manner.

The special quality of the "DUDAIM" is a land-mark in Israeli folk-singing. You will recognize their style, both lyric, and dynamic, in every song recorded here for your listening pleasure.