Danny Doyle   •   I Remember Dublin City

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  • I Remember Dublin City
    • 1982 - Evergreen EVE 5004 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. The Green Hills of Kerry (Doyle)
    2. Old Dublin Town (St. John, Doyle)
    3. I Dream of Jeannie & Danny Boy (Trad. Arr. Doyle)
    4. The Shamrock Shore (Doyle)
    5. On The Banks of Sweet Primroses (Doyle)
    6. A Very Special Love Song (Billy Sherrill, Norris Wilson)
    7. Since Maggie Went Away (Seán O'Casey)
    8. Ben Bolt (Trad. Adapt. D. Doyle)
  • Side Two
    1. Daisy a Day (Strunk)
    2. The Town I Loved So Well (Phil Coulter)
    3. Dublin Jack of all Trades (Trad. Arr. D. Doyle)
    4. Ellen O'Connor (Doyle)
    5. The West's Awake (Trad. Arr. D. Doyle)
    6. Mary Anne Regrets (Howard)
    7. The Rare Oul' Times (Pete St. John)