Danny Doyle   •   Danny Doyle — Volume One

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  • Danny Doyle – Volume One
    • 1975 - Music Box Records MBR 001 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. The Rising of The Moon
    2. Mary from Dunloe
    3. Spanish is a Loving Tongue
    4. Lizzie Lindsay
    5. German Clockwinder
    6. Twenty Men from Dublin Town
  • Side Two
    1. Pretty Saro
    2. If You Could Wait (S. Healy)
    3. Me Old Howth Gun
    4. John O'Halloran (S. McCarthy)
    5. One Time Only (T. Paxton)
    6. Johnny (Cop. Con.)

  • Credits
    • Arranged & Produced by Danny Doyle
    • Recorded at Eamonn Andrews Studios, Dublin
    • Cover Photo by Roy Esmonde
    • Sleeve Design by Stag Print, Dublin
    • Songs Arranged & Adapted by Danny Doyle, unless otherwise noted
  • Notes
    • On this a reissue the song "Whiskey on a Sunday" is replaced with " Johnny".

Sleeve Notes

Danny was born in a very historic part of Dublin, and when he was a child he had as neighbours, the poet and author Patrick Kavanagh, and right next door, the unequalled Brendan Behan. Both of these famous people encouraged Danny to join the school choir, and this where he did his first serious singing. After leaving school he drifted from one job to another, here in Ireland and in England, never content, except when he had his guitar in hand and could sing his songs.

Arriving home from England in 1966, he came into show business accidentally. In a pub one night the M.C. announced that the guest artist had not arrived. Up jumped Danny to fill the gap, and the rest is Irish show business history.

In 1967 he made his first record which was a hit, and all his records to date have been smashes. Near the end of 1968 Danny really began emerge as an international entertainer, doing tour after tour all over the world. The famed composer Elmer Bernstein who admired Danny's singing, asked him to sing on the soundtrack of the Tommy Steele, Stanley Baker Film, "WHERE'S JACK". Danny had finally made it internationally, with his name on the silver screen alongside the greats. After this he visited many countries, for tours and song festivals. His travels have taken him all over Europe and even behind the Iron Curtain. He is known in England, France. Germany. Monte Carlo. Malta, Rumania, Canada, the U.S.A., and was a smash hit in Brazil

His trophies which adorn his mantelpiece are evidence of the high regard that people all over the world have for this talented Irishman. His television appearances here in Ireland have been so numerous that he himself has lost count of the number of times he has appeared, In November. 1974, The Record and Music Industry, at their awards concert in Dublin, voted Danny Best Male Vocalist.

For three and a half years he has fronted one of Ireland's more successful showbands, the Music Box, but is now back solo, once again.

Already this year, Danny has lined up an impressive list of T.V. appearances. He had his own half hour show on U.T.V. and another on R.T.E. He appeared on the Mike Murphy Show and has recorded a series of colour programmes for R.T.E. called "Country Folk" and these should be on your screens around the end of February beginning of March. Later on in the summer he will have his own series on U.T.V. This will be shown also on R.T.E.