The Dublin City Ramblers   •   Raise The Roof — 16 Great Irish Pub Songs

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  • Raise The Roof — 16 Great Irish Pub Songs
    • 1998 - Lynnwood LYN CD 008 CD (IRL)
  • Tracklist
    1. It's Good To See You (Alan Taylor)
    2. Farewell To Carlingford (Tommy Makem)
    3. The Sea oh the Sea (Dominic Behan)
    4. The Minstrel Boy
    5. The Good Old Mountain Dew
    6. Boston Rose (Liam Reilly)
    7. Home Boys Home
    8. The Old Woman from Wexford
    9. Raise the Roof (Tommy & Jimmy Swarbrigg)
    10. The Leavin' of Liverpool
    11. Four Green Fields (Tommy Makem)
    12. The Wild Colonial Boy
    13. I Can Almost See Ireland from Here (J. Steward, D. Ashdown)
    14. Old Maid in the Garret
    15. Change of Heart (G. Brown, B. O'Carroll)
    16. The Boston Burglar (D. Murphy)

  • Dublin City Ramblers
    • Seán McGuinness: Vocal, Banjo, Mandolin
    • Paddy Sweeney: Vocal, Guitars
    • Brendan Doyle: Fiddle, Whistle, Backing Vocal
    • Shay Kavanagh: Rhythm Guitar, Bodhrán, Bass, Backing Vocal
  • Musicians
    • Drums & Percussion: Gerry Sweeney
    • Strings: Andy O'Callaghan
  • Credits
    • Produced by Tommy Swarbrigg and Andy O'Callaghan
    • Recorded at Sutton Sound Studios, Dublin for Lynwood Records
    • Design: Shay Kennedy
    • Cover Illustration: Jim Cogan
    • Tracks: 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14 — Trad. Arr. Tommy Swarbrigg & Seán McGuinness

Sleeve Notes

The Dublin City Ramblers are "The Craic" they are known and loved from Waterville to Washington. They sing Irish ballads with gusto and joy, travelling the world to Irish music gatherings and festivals. They sing for pleasure revelling in the pub atmosphere that an evening of song and music can create — as is evident by the worldwide popularity of "The Irish Pub" a unique experience that we hope to recreate on this recording.

They take the stage — Seán McGuinness tunes his banjo, Shay Kavanagh rosins his bow, Paddy Sweeney strums his guitar and Brendan Doyle, his Bodhrán by his side, clears his throat.

The Ramblers are ready, so raise your glass, join in, enjoy and help us
Raise The Roof!