The Dublin City Ramblers   •   Home and Away — "20 Collected Irish Ballads"

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  • Home and Away — "20 Collected Irish Ballads"
    • 1990 - Dolphin DOCDK 101 CD (IRL)
  • Tracklist
    1. Staten Island (Johhny McEvoy)
    2. Dirty Ol' Town (Ewan McColl)
    3. Dublin Is Me (O'Meara, O'Meara)
    4. The Boys In Green (Italy 1990) (M. Carwood)
    5. Heaven Around Galway Bay (Eamonn O'Shea)
    6. Sailing Home (D. O'Brien)
    7. A Children's Winter (Cop Con)
    8. Meet Me At The Pillar (O'Meara, O'Meara)
    9. Old Fashioned Tune (Johnny McEvoy)
    10. Isle Of Innisfree (D. Farrelly)
    11. Danny Farrell (Pete St. John)
    12. The Marathon Song (B. O'Reilly)
    13. Rosaleen, Sweet Rosaleen (Johnny McEvoy)
    14. She Never Will Be Mine (O'Meara, O'Meara)
    15. Dublin In My Tears (B. Phelan)
    16. Wheel The Perambulator, John (Trad arr. E. Campbell)
    17. Que Sera, Sera — We're going to Italy (Evans, Livingstone)
    18. David's Song-Theme from Kidnapped (Vladimir Cosma)
    19. The Rose of Mooncoin (Trad. Arr. E. Campbell)
    20. Salonika (Trad. Arr. E. Campbell)

  • Credits
    • Produced and arranged by Eamonn Campbell
    • Recorded at Starc & Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin