The Dublin City Ramblers   •   In Concert

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  • In Concert
    • 1985 - RTE 91 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Paddy Lie Back (Trad. Arr. Campbell)
    2. The Crack Was Ninety (In The Isle Of Man) (B. Rush)
    3. Botany Bay (Trad. Arr. Campbell)
    4. Tipping It Up To Nancy (Trad. Arr. Campbell)
    5. The Town Of Ballybay (T. Makem)
    6. John O'dreams (Bill Caddick)
    7. Right All Right (Nees)
  • Side Two
    1. Punch & Judy Man (J. Connolly)
    2. Belfast Mill (Kahn, Furey)
    3. The Rare Old Times (Pete St.John)
    4. Nancy Spain (B. Rush)
    5. The Ferryman (Pete St. John)
    6. Give Me Your Hand (Trad. Arr. Campbell)
    7. On The One Road (O'Donovan)

  • Dublin City Ramblers
  • Credits
    • Producer: Ian McGarry
    • Television Director: Adrian Cronin
    • Sound: Charles Byrne
    • Recordings taken from the live concerts at the National Stadium, Dublin
    • Produced by RTÉ in association with Brian Molloy.