Dafydd Iwan    •   Dayfdd Iwan Ar Gan!

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  • Dayfdd Iwan Ar Gan!
    • 1967 - Welsh Teldisc TEP 867 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Can Yr Ysgol (Dafydd Iwan)
    2. Chwarae A 'Nghalon (Trad. Arr. Dafydd Iwan)
  • Side Two
    1. Pan Glywaf Gan Y Clychau (Dafydd Iwan)
    2. Trwy'r Drysni A'r Anialwch (Cân Werin)

  • Musicians
    • Dafydd Iwan: Vocals & Guitar
  • Credits
    • Cynllunio (Sleeve Design): Y Lolfa

Sleeve Notes

On this record, his fifth E.P., Dafydd Iwan sings his light-hearted "School Song" which cleverly underlines the anomaly of the situation when a child who speaks Welsh at home, who plays, loves and worships in Welsh receives his education in English. If ever there was a campaign song for Welsh language schools, this is it!

"Chwarae A 'Nghalon" is a free adaptation of the folk song "The Roving Kind", and "Trwy'r Drysni A'r Anialwch" is a typical Welsh folk love-song. "Pan Glywaf Gan Y Clychau" is a plaintive love-song written and composed by Dafydd himself.

We have pleasure in introducing you to this further collection of folk songs sung in the homely and inimitable style of Dafydd Iwan.