Dafydd Iwan    •   Rwy'n Gweld Y Dydd

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  • Rwy'n Gweld Y Dydd
    • 1966 - Welsh Teldisc TEP 865 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Rwy'n Gweld Y Dydd (Dafydd Iwan)
    2. Beth Yw'r Haf Imi? (Trad., Thomas Parry Williams, Amy Parry Williams)
  • Side Two
    1. Hyn Sydd Yn Ofid Im (Dafydd Iwan)
    2. 'Stol I Ddau (Trad., Dafydd Iwan)

  • Musicians
    • Dafydd Iwan: Vocals & Guitar

Sleeve Notes

This is the third record by Dafydd Iwan, the folk singer from Merioneth and Carmarthenshire who is at present a student of architecture in Cardiff.

Recently, he said to me "Don't say I come from the North or South because I feel just as much at home by the Black Mountain or the Aran. At the moment I live at Gwyddgrug." He is, above all, a son of Wales.

His first two records were immediate successes and this, his third, has been eagerly awaited. On this record, Dafydd sings of love and patriotism, old and new, in serious and light vein. Two of the songs display the genuine patriotic sentiment which has brought a note of stirring nationalism back to Welsh folk singing.