Dafydd Iwan ac Edward     •   Wrth Feddwl Am Fy Nghymru

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  • Wrth Feddwl Am Fy Nghymru
    • 1966 - Welsh Teldisc TEP 861 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Wrth Feddwl Am Fy Nghymru
    2. Wyt Ti'n Cofio?
  • Side Two
    1. Bryniau Bro Afallon
    2. Meddwl Amdanat Ti

  • Musicians
    • Dafydd Iwan: Vocals & Guitar
    • Edward Morris (Morrus) Jones (ac Edward): Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Credits
    • Liner Notes: Gwilym Tudor
    • All tracks written by Dafydd Iwan

Sleeve Notes

DAFYDD IWAN is the newest and most original discovery in Welsh folk singing. This is his first record. Son of a well-known minister of Llanuwchllyn in the mountains of Meirionnydd, now an architecture student in Cardiff, he has created a tremendous following, largely as star of the TWW daily programme Y Dydd. Perhaps the first modern Welsh language singer to become a teenage idol, he is also a poet, writer and cartoonist; and like Bob Dylan and Donovan, whom he greatly admires, he writes his own lyrics and music.

Dafydd Iwan sings of love — and he sings of Wales. This record shows why he embodies the spirit of a new generation, dedicated to fight for the language and the land we love, for a free Wales.

EDWARD MORRIS JONES, another young patriot-singer who is popular on radio and television, is also from Llanuwchllyn. Son of a farmer, intends to teach in Glamorgan. On this record he plays a 12-string guitar, and joins in the vocal of Wyt ti'n Cofio?