The Corries   •   Peat Fire Flame

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  • Peat Fire Flame
    • 1977 - Dara PA 024 LP
  • Side One
    1. Leezie Lindsay
    2. Braw Braw Lads (Trad. Burns)
    3. Peat Fire Flame (Kennedy Fraser)
    4. Mormond Braes
    5. Come By The Hills (W. Gordon Smith)
    6. The White Cockade
  • Side Two
    1. The Barge Of Gorrie Crovan (Duncan Johnston)
    2. Turn Ye Tae Me
    3. Eriskay Love Lilt (Kennedy Fraser)
    4. The Wee Cooper Of Fife
    5. Lord Gregory
    6. The Poachers

  • The Corries
    • Roy Williamson
    • Ronnie Browne
  • Credits
    • Recording Engineers: Alan Spence, Colin Nicolson
    • Jacket Design: Murdoch Buchanan (Roy Williamson)
    • Photography: The late Robert Brown (by kind permission of his wife Mrs. Tess Brown), John McGhie, John Schorstein, Neet Photography, Edinburgh, Alan Spence
    • Artwork and Print Production: Graham Falconer Visual Arts Group, Edinburgh
    • © 1977 Recorded at Pan-Audio Recording Studios, Edinburgh, Scotland.
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. The Corries, unless otherwise noted.

Sleeve Notes

This is the first studio recording the Corries have done for some time, their last three L.P.'s having been recorded 'Live'. The advantage of recording in a studio is the facility of double-tracking, the laying of one track on top of another; thus the Corries who play between them, Guitars, Pipes, Harmonicas, Whistles, Flutes, Concertina, Mandolins, Boranns (Hand-Drums), Fiddle, Combolins and a host of ancillaries, Jews Harp, Rubber Bands etc., had a most enjoyable time, in their words 'painting sound pictures', not so enjoyable for the poor Recording Engineer though!

Alan Spence

Knowing what material to put on an L.P. is always a bit of a problem, particularly in a country such as ours which is so rich in words and tune. After many hours of thought about this, we decided to record some material which we have found to be popular, not only in Concerts but in the little Ceilidhs, Gatherings, Celebrations of one sort and another that we attend at times when we are not 'on the road'. Travelling all over Scotland, as we do, we thought we would include on the cover, some of the scenes from which the songs have sprung, some of the scenes which time and again persuade us that this is indeed the most beautiful country in the world.

Roy Williamson