The Corries   •   Flower of Scotland

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  • Flower of Scotland
    • 1974 - Pan-Audio PA003 [7"]
  • Tracks:
    1. Flower of Scotland (R.M.B. Williamson)
    2. The Rose of Prince Charlie (R.G. Browne)

  • Credits
    • Recorded in Glasgow City Hall, 1974
    • Recorded by The Craighall O/B Unit
    • Recording Supervisor: Allan Spence
    • Sleeve Design: The Pan Audio Design Unit
    • Photography & Printing: The Graham Falconer Visual Arts Group

Sleeve Notes

Flower of Scotland — Since The Corries first performed this song it has steadily grown in popularity until now it is cited as a possible National Anthem for a Scotland re-awakening to its national identity. Is it any wonder, when we hear the emotive power of the words and tune, reminding us of the carnage of Flodden and the ensuing centuries of repression and domination. These days must certainly remain in the past, but should the spirit that caused them be forgotten; should we forget that we are still a nation by right?

The Rose of Prince Charlie — Flip through any catalogue of roses and eventually you'll come to an illustration of Prince Charlie's Rose, so-called because, after The '45, any fugitive Jacobite knew that he would receive assistance at any house which had this rose-bush growing at the door. Such romantic imagery demands a song and this one attempts to use the theme to recount some of Scotland's past glories while reminding us of some of our present strength as a basis for future national growth.