The Corries   •   Bonnet, Belt and Sword

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  • Bonnet, Belt and Sword
    • 1967 - Fontana TL 5401 LP
  • Side One
    1. Hot Ashphalt
    2. Cam Ye O'er Frae France
    3. Joy Of My Heart (H.S. Robertson)
    4. The Jolly Beggar
    5. Bring Back My Granny to Me & My Brother Bill's A Fireman
    6. Glenlyon Lament
    7. Johnny Cope
  • Side Two
    1. Gaberlunzie King
    2. Haughs O' Cromdale
    3. Banks of Newfoundland
    4. Parcel O' Rogues
    5. North Sea Shoals (E. McColl)
    6. Katie Bairdie & Oor Wee School
    7. I Once Loved A Lass
    8. Blow Ye Winds

  • The Corries
    • Roy Williamson: 28 string guitar, banduria, zither guitar, Spanish guitar, concertina, Northumbrian pipes, Lowland pipes, bazooki, whistle and flute
    • Ronnie Browne: Spanish guitar, banjo, harmonica, Irish borann, whistle
  • Credits
    • THE CORRIES wish to thank all those connected with the making of this record; in particular Iain MacFadyen, Iain Sutherland, and John Martin.
    • Cover Photo by John Adams
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. The Corries, unless otherwise noted.

Sleeve Notes

When I was commissioned to interview the Corries for the sleeve notes of this record I set off northward with the idea that one, or at most two days should see my task complete. After nearly a fortnight of following rumoured sightings I did finally trace them to an isolated farmstead, deep in the moorlands of Argyle. The hour was late when I arrived but the night, as they say, was still young — and indeed, what with singing, music, stories and dancing it, and all assembled lasted well into the following dawn. By then the condition of both parties was hardly sympathetic to an interview, far less to coherent journalism.

I have preferred to remember the evening as a series of impressions which seem to me to typify the character and environment which the Corries favour, and which they carry with them into their performances whether on radio, television, big concerts or small.

They are stimulating company and, if audience reaction is anything to go by, they are second to none in providing a type of entertainment in which all elements of human emotion are portrayed.

M. Buchanan