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  • This The Day
    • 2001 - Columbia/Sony Music 503255 2 CD
  • Tracklist
    1. How Long (Jackson Browne)
    2. So Do I (Wally Page)
    3. Johnny Don't Go (John Spillane)
    4. Veronica (C. Moore, Lunny, Sinnott)
    5. Jack Doyle (AKA The Contender) (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    6. Companeros (Ewan McColl)
    7. Cry Like a Man (Dan Penn)
    8. A Stitch in Time (Mike Waterson)
    9. Victor Jara (Arlo Guthrie, A. Mitchell)
    10. Scallcrows (C. Moore, Lunny, Sinnott)
    11. The Pipers Path (Lal Waterson, Chris Collins)

  • Musicians
    • Christy Moore: Vocals & Guitar
    • Dónal Lunny: Bouzouki; Bodhrán; Keyboards; Percussion, Guitar; Backing Vocals & Hidebojangle
    • Declan Sinnott: Acoustic, Spanish, Dobra & Electric Guitars, Percussion & Backing Vocals
  • Credits
    • Produced & Arranged by Dónal Lunny & Declan Sinnott with Christy Moore
    • Engineer: Tim Martin
    • Pre-Production Declan's, Lacken, Kilkenny
    • Recording:
      • The Mill, Ballycallan Co Kilkenny
      • Pulse Studios, Dublin
      • Westland Studios Dublin
    • Mixing:
      • Pulse Studios, Dublin
      • Westland Studios Dublin
    • Mastering Robin Robyns, at Mid Atlantic Digital, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh
    • Photography: Blue-Preston Schlebusch (cover)-Hidebo Itan & Digital Vision (inner sleeve)
    • Design: Brian O'Connor
    • Thanks to Tony Forde at The Mill, Owen Mulcahy, Naomi Moore & all at Pulse. Dave Slevin, Deirdre Costello & all at Westland. Robin Robyns, Neil Falconer & all at Mid Atlantic. The staff at the Kilkenny Ormond Hotel, Angela & Anna at Lacken.
    • Declan, Donal & Christy played Martin guitars provided by Perfect Pitch, Dublin