Christy Moore   •   Graffiti Tongue

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  • Graffiti Tongue
    • 1996 - Grapevine GRACD 215 CD
  • Tracklist
    1. Yellow Triangle (Christy Moore)
    2. God Woman (Christy Moore)
    3. Minds Locked Shut (Christy Moore)
    4. Folk Tale (P. Meehan, Christy Moore)
    5. Riding the High Stool (Christy Moore)
    6. Tiles and Slabs (N. Rolfe, Christy Moore)
    7. Strange Ways (Christy Moore)
    8. On the Mainland (Christy Moore)
    9. Boning Halls (Christy Moore)
    10. Miracle of Nature (Christy Moore)
    11. North and South of the River — unplugged version (Christy Moore, Bono, The Edge)
    12. Rory is Gone (N. Rolfe, Christy Moore)

  • Musicians
    • Christy Moore: Vocals, Guitars, Bowrawn
    • Juno Moore: Backing Vocals
  • Credits
    • Producer: Christy Moore
    • Assistant Producer: Jim Donohoe
    • Engineer: Walter Samuel
    • Studio: Sulan, Ballyvourney, Co. Cork
    • Mixing Studio: Windmill Lane. Dublin
    • Tape Operator: Conan Doyle
    • Manager: Mattie Fox
    • Personal Assistant: Bernie Mulfaul
    • Assistant: Mary Flaherty
    • Tour Manager and Sound Engineer: Jim Donohoe
    • Guitar Tech and Stage Assistant: Dickon Whitehead
    • Lighting Engineer: Danny Evans
    • Transport: Mick Devine

Sleeve Notes

Prior To Recording Graffiti Tongue, I did pre-production work with Nigel Rolfe on Innis Maan, at Passage East, in Monkstown and Inchicore. When I heard a melody at the back of Innis Maan, where the. Mighty boulders fly, Nigel Helped me take it back to the house of Seán and Maire O'Flaherty. He single-handedly retrieved "Minds Locked Shut" When I flung it over the cliff at passage. We locked horns between The Yellow And The Pink Triangles and unearthed God Woman in the Bog of Allen. Most of all he understood and encouraged the work.

My Thanks To: Nigel Rolfe, John Grimes, Sheelagh Morris, And To; Sheila Isaacson, Eamon McCann, Pat Ryan, All The Rolfes, Brian Maguire, Bono, The Edge, Paul Charles, Eleanor Shanley, Robbie Overson, Gus Dennis, Micheal Traynor, Peter Aiken, Paddy Nugent, John McHale Paudge Fitzgerald, Chris Roche, Seán McKiernan.

Thanks To: Malachy Kearns of Roundstone Instruments, Derek Nelson of Danval Music, Peter Clarke of Supermck Lighting, Mick O'Gorman of Mikam Sound, Nigel Kinmoth of Musicians Inc.

I dedicate this album to Mattie Fox For his comradeship and to Val, Andy, Juno, Padraic for being with me on every step along the way.