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  • The Christy Moore Folk Collection
    • 1978 - Tara TBC 1 [3 Cassette Boxset] (IRL)
  • Cassette One [TBC 1A]
  • Side One
    1. The Raggle Taggle Gipsies
    2. Tabhair Dom Do Lámh
    3. The Dark Eyed Sailor
    4. I wish I was in England
    5. Lock Hospital
    6. James Connolly
    7. The Hackler from Grouse Hall
  • Side Two
    1. Tribute to Woody
    2. The Ludlow Massacre
    3. A Letter to Syracuse
    4. Spancill Hill
    5. The Cliffs of Dooneen
    6. Rambling Robin

Sleeve Notes

Raggle Taggle Gipsies: One of the first singers I ever encountered was the late John Reilly from Boyle. This was one of the many songs I heard him sing the time I met him. It was in Grehan's pub in Boyle, and with the sisters. Francie, Marie and Bernie encouraging John to sing, a mighty session ensued. The song is followed by Liam Óg, Donal and Andy playing Tabhair Dom Do Láimh (Give me your hand). The transition from the song to the tune proved a tricky point to negotiate but Donal was the one to do it.

The Dark Eyed Sailor: This is a song I learned from Andy Rynne of Prosperous. Co. Kildare. The story is yet another version of the broken token theme I Wish I was in England: I got the idea for this song from an old book of Irish songs which had been poorly translated. I rewrote the song, put a new tune to it and

Lock Hospital: There have been many British garrisons around the world down through the years and each one has had its own Lock Hospital for soldiers who caught the dreaded disease. I believe this is a Dublin song, but if not its musical

James Connolly: This by far the best. I first heard it sung by John Moynihan. Being unable to get his version I added bits and pieces myself and I hope I haven't offended anybody by having done so.

The Hackler from Grouse Hall: A song from Colm O'Loughlin. I can appreciate the sentiments of this song, having partaken of the poteen on many occasions. It was only on the last day of the recording that we found Kevin Conneff and his bodhran, otherwise he would have been on many more tracks. Tribute to Woody: This is the only Dylan song in my repetoire and I learned it from Tony Small, a very fine singer from Galway. There is very little that I can add to what has been said about Woody, except that for me he was the man. This song is for Owa, Josh, Tony, Andy. Ralph and all who loved him.

Ludlow Massacre: My favourite Woody song. Woody wrote this song in the hope that such things would cease, but it looks as if this sort of intolerance and brutality will be with us for some time.

Letter to Syracuse: This was written by Dave Cartwright and Bill Caddick from Wolverhampton who play a lot of their material at their club in Halsowen each

Spancill Hill: This song really invokes strongly a mood which some might Say sentimental but I think that a people who had to uproot their lives and cross the seas to who knew what, can be allowed a little nostalgia. The Cliffs of Dooneen: Another song from Andy Rynne and a song I've been waiting to sing with Liam Óg for many years. Clare has long been my favourite county and I appreciate anyone having strong enough sentiments to write such a

Rambling Robin: I learned this song from Mike Harding of Manchester just before I made this record. Most large families have at least one rambling Robin, and like the prodigal son he always returns, but in this case the fatted calf was not to be had. Andy's mandolin playing on this track is really beautiful.

  • Cassette Two [TBC 1B]
  • Side One
    1. Patrick Was A Gentleman
    2. The Sun is Burning
    3. Morrissey and the Russian Sailor
    4. The Foxy Devil
    5. Three Reels
    6. Trip to Jerusalem
  • Side Two
    1. Three Reels
    2. Patrick's Arrival
    3. Gabriel McKeon's
    4. Dunlavin Green
    5. Joe McCann

  • Musicians
    • Christy Moore: Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki, Bodhran
    • Andy Irvine: Mandolin, Harmonica, Valdolin, Dulcimer, Bouzouki & Vocals
    • Barry Moore: Guitar & Vocals
    • Noel Hill: Concertinas (C/G & Bb/F Systems)
    • Tony Linnane: Fiddle
    • Gabriel McKeon: Uileann Pipes (Concert set & a C set)
    • Jimmy Faulkner: Electric, Acoustic & Slide Guitars
    • Rosemary Flanagan: Cello
  • Credits
    • Produced by Brian Masterson & Christy Moore
    • Recorded & mixed in Ireland at Lombard & Keystone Studios, Dublin
    • Engineered by Brian Masterson

Sleeve Notes

The Sun is Burning: This song was written by Ian Campbell of Aberdeen in the early sixties but is more significant in the seventies I first heard Luke Kelly sing this song and more recently, learned the words from Andy Turner, Glasgow.

Morrissey and the Russian Sailor was learned from the Bard of Dalymount, Johnny Moynihan. The song has been previously recorded by Joe Heany, Johnny McDonagh and Frank Harte.

The Foxy Devil was written by Joe Dolan, one of the founder members of Sweeney's Men with Andy and Johnny Moynihan. He wrote the following Sleeve Note: "A hymn to the Celtic representative of Bacchus — written in appeasement on a summer's morning when threatened with the dreaded head-staggers." The term Foxy Devil' is apparently an old one conceived no doubt by some other unfortunate who had felt the iron behind the velvet.

3 Reels: "The Newly Mowed Meadow ", "Farrell O Gara's Reel" and the last one we have no name for.

The Trip To Jerusalem also written by Joe Dolan who wrote the following: "I wrote this song in my salad days (back in 1965) when I worked on an archaeological expedition to Masada in the Negev desert I was on general duty on top of the mountain with a walkie Talkie as a weapon and the temperature around 120 degrees in the shade. I was thinking of how I'd got there."

3 Reels: "Tommy Coen's", "Flax in Bloom" and "The Youngest Daughter."

There are many indirectly associated with the making of this album I would like to specially thank Gerry Joyce for singing "Trip to Jerusalem" in Spiddal. Andrew Robinson for making my Bouzouki, Joe Kelly of "The Brow" for making my tambourine, John Munnis and Paul for being patient on the tour, and Val and Andy for being always patient.

Christy Moore

  • Cassette Three [TBC 1C]
  • Side One
    1. Hey Sandy
    2. The Boys of Barr na Sráide
    3. Little Mother
    4. Clyde's Bonnie Banks
  • Side Two
    1. Pretty Boy Floyd
    2. Bogey's Bonnie Banks
    3. The Crack was ninety in the Isle of Man
    4. Black is the Colour of My True Love's Hair
    5. One Last Cold Kiss

  • Musicians
    • Christy Moore: Guitar & Vocals
    • Dónal Lunny: Bouzouki, Guitar & Background Vocals
    • Jimmy Faulkner: Lead & Slide Guitars
  • Credits
    • Produced & Recorded by Nicky Ryan

Sleeve Notes

We recorded this album in April 1978, when we did gigs at The Meeting Place, Pat Dowling's of Prosperous, Trinity College and the Grapevine Arts Centre in North Great George's St. One number "Clyde's Bonnie Banks" was recorded in Nicholas Ryan's front room. We got great assistance from Ireland's greatest roadcrew, John McFadden & Leon Brennan. I'll dedicate the album to Juno, who arrived as we started. — Christy.