The Chieftains   •   Live From Dublin: A Tribute to Derek Bell

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  • Live From Dublin: A Tribute to Derek Bell
    • 2005 - BMG RCA 82876-67137-2 CD (IRL)
  • Tracklist
    1. Introduction — John Kelly
    2. Opening Medley (Trad. Arr. P. Moloney) — Featuring: Allan Tully
      1. Brian Boru's March
      2. Nine Points of Roguery (reel)
      3. The Magpie - Pretty Girls (reel)
    3. Down The Old Plank Road (Trad. Arr. P. Moloney) — Featuring: Jeff White, Frankie Lane & Pete Cummins
    4. Derek's Tune (P. Moloney, Trad. Arr. P. Moloney) — Featuring: Caroline Lavelle & Triona Marshall
      1. The Geese And Bright Love
    5. Galician Medley (Trad. Arr. P. Moloney) — Featuring: Yvonne McMahon, Carlos Núñez, Xurxo Núñez & Pancho Alvarez
      1. Never Trust A Man's Love
      2. Mazurka
      3. Guadalupe
      4. Múneira de Jios
      5. Duelling Chanters
    6. Ellen Browne (Trad. Arr. Kevin Conneff) — Featuring: Kevin Conneff
    7. Medley (Trad. Arr. P. Moloney) — Featuring: Michael Tubridy & Seán Pott
      1. Banish Misfortune
      2. Morning Dew
      3. Arkansas Traveller
      4. Wild Irishman
    8. Oiche Nollag (Christmas Eve) (Trad. Arr. Michael Ó Suillabhain) — Featuring: Micháel Ó Suillabháin
    9. Fionnghuala (Trad. Arr. The Bothy Band) — Performed by Anúna
      • Directors: Michael & John McGlynn
      • Solo: John McGlynn
      • Edited by John McGlynn
    10. Carrickfergus (Trad. Arr. P. Moloney) — Featuring: Allison Moorer
    11. I'll Tell Me Ma (Trad. Arr. Ronnie Drew) — Featuring: Ronnie Drew
    12. Tá an Coileach ag Fógairt an Lae (3 pipes) (Trad. Arr. P. Moloney) — Featuring: Terry Tully, Carlos Núñez & Paddy Moloney
    13. Ottawa Valley Dance (Trad. Arr. Jon & Nathan Pilatzke) — Featuring: Jon & Nathan Pilatzke
    14. Finale — Featuring: Seán Keane, Matt Malloy, Kevin Conneff, Alison Moorer, Peter Browne, Jeff White, Micháel Ó Súillabháin, Frankie Lane, Paddy Moloney, Caroline Lavelle, Jon Pilatzke, Carlos Núñez
    15. Farewell to Music (Trad. Arr. TrĂ­ona Marshall) — Tríona Marshall

  • Musicians
    • Allan Tully: Bagpipes
    • Allison Moorer: Vocals
    • Carlos Núñez: Gaita, Recorder & Whistle
    • Caroline Lavelle: Cello
    • Frankie Lane: Dobro & Vocals
    • Jeff White: Guitar
    • Jon Pilatzke: Fiddle & Dance
    • Micháel Ó Suillabháin: Piano
    • Michael Tubridy: Flute
    • Nathan Pilatzke: Dance
    • Pancho Alvarez: Mandolin & Vocals
    • Pete Cummins: Guitar & Vocals
    • Peter Browne: Uilleann Pipes
    • Ronnie Drew: Vocals & Guitar
    • Seán Potts: Tin Whistle
    • Terry Tully: Low Pipes
    • Tríona Marshall: Harp
    • Xurxo Núñez: Percussion & Guitar
    • Yvonne McMahon: Vocals
  • Credits
    • Produced by Paddy Moloney
    • Mixed by
      • Mark McGrath & Paddy Moloney at RTÉ Mobile Unit, Dublin, Ireland, December 2004
      • Chris Kimsey & Paddy Moloney at Sphere Studios, Battersea, London, U.K., October 2004
    • Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Studios, London, U.K., December 2004
    • Gaiety Theatre: Recorded by Mark McGrath, Ian Pike, Donie Stritch, Kevin Fowley & Peter Browne for RTÉ Radio One.
    • National Concert Hall: Recorded by Colm O'Rourke & Brian O'Neill for RTÉ Radio One.
      • Thanks to Peter Browne of RTÉ for all his help.
    • Package Art Direction & Design: Rebecca Meek
    • Photography: James O'Mara, O'Mara & Ryan
    • The Chieftains funded a scholarship to the Irish World Music Centre, University Limerick, from the concert funds on behalf of Derek Bell.

A Tribute to Derek Bell

One auspicious day back in 1972, Derek Bell drifted into the Chieftains orbit and dazzled us all with his celestial, if somewhat unpredictable brilliance.

A classically trained musician of incomparable skill, he mastered musical genres as effortlessly as he did the many instruments in his command. Rumour has it his classical peers were less than amused by the defection and were heard to remark, "We have time for you Derek, but no time for that Paddy Moloney." How Derek ended up with what was once referred to as "that tatty folk group" still remains one of the most enduring mysteries of traditional Irish music. Or as Derek so succinctly put it: "No one ever asked me to join, and no one ever asked me to leave."

He was a unique and madly skewed model of erudition and creativity, an irreplaceable original, equally at home discussing corgis with the Queen or sharing a "cosmic thought of the day" with his beloved cats. For 30 years we traveled the wide world together, and I can say for a certainty that he was the loveliest old rogue I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Paddy Moloney