Barleycorn   •   Waltzing For Dreamers

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  • Waltzing For Dreamers
    • 1994 - Dolphin DOCDK 104 CD (IRL)
  • Tracklist
    1. Waltzing's for Dreamers (Richard Thompson)
    2. West Country Lady (Dermot O'Reilly)
    3. The Rose of Allendale (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    4. The Star of The County Down (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    5. Forty-Five Years from Now (Stan Rogers)
    6. Instrumental Medley — Róisín Dubh (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    7. The Bluenose (Dave Martins)
    8. The Lark in The Morning (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    9. Song of The Mira (Allister MacGillivary)
    10. All He Ever Saw Was You (Kate Wolf)
    11. The Banks of The Roses (Trad. Arr. Barleycorn)
    12. Hearts on Fire (Frank Hennessy)

  • The Barleycorn
    • John Delaney: Banjos, Mandolin, Guitar & Vocals
    • Derek McCormack: Vocals, Bass & Guitar
    • Maurice McCarthy: Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals & Recorder
  • Credits
    • Produced & Arranged by Barleycorn
    • Recorded at Stare Studios, Dublin 1993
    • Engineer: Alan Connaughton

Sleeve Notes

Waltzing's For Dreamers — It's hard to let go of sweet memories, even though they break your heart.

West Country Lady — Continuing the Irish tradition of personifying the land as a woman, but in this song referring to the area around Torbay in Newfoundland.

The Rose Of Allendale — An old Scottish song of love.

The Star Of The County Down — This song shows the power of love at first sight.

Forty Five Years From Now — Sometimes the strongest feelings of the heart are those which can not be put in words.

Instrumental Medley — This starts with a very old Irish air called "Roisin Dubh" which was a name used in the distant past to refer to Ireland, it is followed by a jig and the sound of what is most probably Ireland's oldest instrument the "Bodhran" (Drum) after which we play two reels.

The Bluenose — A magnificent sailing schooner built in 1921 which was the pride of Nova Scotia seafarers. Although she sank about twenty five years later her memory lives on and her grace and beauty have been recorded for posterity on the Canadian ten cent coin.

The Lark In The Morning — The ploughboy has a less-than-honourable reputation in many folk songs, this particular song explains why.

Song Of The Mira — This lovely place may sound nearly mythical but is in fact about the Mira river which flows under Marion Bridge and out into Mira Bay which is not far from Sydney, Nova Scotia.

All He Ever Saw Was You — This song was written in tribute to the late Stan Rogers who was not only a fine performer but also a great writer. Among the many songs he wrote is the one on track five, side one, "Forty Five Years From Now".

The Banks Of The Roses — It's said, "In Spring a young man's fancy turns to love", but the young man of this song won't accept the responsibilities!

Hearts On Fire — There has to be a better way.