Barleycorn   •   Live in New York

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  • Live in New York
    • 1979 - Dolphin DOLM 5022 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Kilfenora, The Walls Of Liscarroll (Jigs) (Trad. arr. The Barleycorn)
    2. On The One Road (O'Donavan)
    3. The Man From The Daily Mail (Gilligan)
    4. Dark Isle (Trad. arr. The Barleycorn), The Boys Of Killybegs (T. Makem)
    5. Four Green Fields (T. Makem)
    6. Ragtime Annie (Instrumental) (Cop. Con.)
    7. The Lid Of Me Granny's Bin (Cop. Con.)
  • Side Two
    1. Willie John McFadden (Cop. Con.)
    2. Planxty, I'll Tell Me Ma (Trad. arr. The Barleycorn)
    3. The Ould Woman From Belfast (Cop. Con.)
    4. The Musical Priest, The Mystery (Reels) (Trad. arr. The Barleycorn)
    5. If I Could Be A Rover (L. Tiernan)
    6. Sing Irishmen Sing (Payne)
    7. (Encore) A Nation Once Again (Thomas Davis)

  • The Barleycorn
  • Credits
    • Recorded and Produced for Dolphin Records by the Barleycorn
    • Photography: Jim Travers
    • Cover design: Diana O'Donnell

Sleeve Notes

The Barleycorn, one of Ireland's best known traditional folk groups, now present their third L.P. for Dolphin Records. Their unique combination of distinctive presentation and earthy delivery gives the Barleycorn a consistent audience for their equally personal material.

From the moment they burst onto the folk world with their now world famous 'The Men Behind the Wire', they showed that lasting passion for entertaining people without gimmicks or pandering. Their understanding of life's ups and downs is reflected in their ballads and as their natural fire is blended with a disarming professionalism the Barleycorn win more and more followers. Now established International artistes, the group are true ambassadors of Irish folk music. Dolphin Records are proud to be associated with the Barleycorn and take great pleasure in adding 'Live In New York to our catalogue.