Barley Bree   •   Here's to Song - Ireland's Barley Bree Live

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  • Here's to Song - Ireland's Barley Bree Live
    • 1984 - Rego R43000 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Paddy Kelly's Brew (T. Makem)
    2. Reels: Mooncoin & Sally Gardens (Trad.)
    3. Gypsy Lad (Alan Bell)
    4. All On a Summer's Day (Alistair McGillivary)
    5. Whatever You Say, Say Nothing (Colum Sands)
    6. May Morning Dew (Trad.)
    7. Bold Fenian Men (Michael Scanlon)
  • Side Two
    1. Summer Roads (T. Makem)
    2. Bonnie Annie (Andy Stewart)
    3. Reels: Cup of Tea & Reavey's (Trad.)
    4. The Bricklayer's Song (Trad.)
    5. Mountains Of Pomeroy (George Sigerson)
    6. Here's To Song (Alistair McGillivary)

  • Barley Bree
    • Jimmy Sweeney: Vocals, Guitar, 5 String Banjo, Tenor Banjo. Mandolin, Bodhrán
    • Tom Sweeney: 12 String Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Whistle, Harmonica, Vocals
    • P. V. O'Donnell: Fiddle, Vocals
  • Credits
    • Recorded at St. Patrick's Auditorium, Halifax, Canada
    • Mixed at Solar Audio, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    • Engineer: Harold Tsistinas
    • Asst Engineer: Pat Martin
    • Photography: John Powell
    • Album Design: Donald J. Munz

Sleeve Notes

The name Barley Bree rolls off the tongue like a warm west wind sighing through whinny headlands, and Barley Bree's approach to their music is as fresh and ever-searching as that inquisitive west wind. They are as selective in picking their material as a goldfinch finding the right straw for nest building, and as inventive in its presentation as a lover pleading his case.

A Barley Bree performance is a moving experience. It is as textured as a good handwoven tweed and as varied and vivid as the plumage on a cock pheasant. The moods change as subtley as the weather on an autumn evening, from the riotous rhythm of a reel to a quiet evocative love ballad and from the intricate melodic lines of a slow air, to the slate-loosening driving song that the world and Garret Reilly loves to sing. All these rhythms and moods and nuances are interwoven with the poetry and the ever present, underlying humour that is so much part of Barley Bree. With love, craftsmanship and a deep respect for their material, Barley Bree weave a beautiful tapestry for all who will to enjoy.

Give yourself an earful of pleasure any time you might need a spiritual uplift. You are holding the means of doing so in your hands right now. Enjoy.

Tommy Makem

Paddy Kelly's Brew
"Tis he brews the cordial that does exceed all,
And it beats all the doctors in old Donegal".

Reels: Mooncoin & Sally Gardens
"The merry love to fiddle,
And the merry love to dance".
W.B. Yeats

Gypsy Lad
"A woman trudging beside that load,
A lank man leaving the horse to guide
A wet road: a dry road".
Ewart Milne

All On A Summer's Day
"Every bird is merry in bower and bush,
Love's in flower and a thousand things to do".
Katherine Tynan

Whatever You Say, Say Nothing
"He came from the North,
and his words were few".
Thomas D'arcy Magee

May Morning Dew
"Sunk are thy bowers in shapeless ruin all,
And the long grass o'er-tops the moldering wall".
Oliver Goldsmith

Bold Fenian Men
"Then the wind shaken pane
Sounded like drumming:
'Oh' they cried, 'tuck us in
The Fenians are coming'".
Alice Milligan

Summer Roads
"June is short
And we must joy in it and dance and sing
And from her bounty draw her rosy worth".
Francis Ledwidge

Bonnie Annie
"She is my own,
Day out, day in she hears me groan
And does not care if I am sad
And would not grieve if I were gone".
Anonymous (16th Century Irish)

Reels: Cup Of Tea & Reavey's
"I'm up in the morning early,
Before the break of day
And to the lintwhites piping
'Tis many the tune I play".
Joseph Campbell

The Bricklayer's Song
"If anything can go wrong, it will".
Murphy's Law

Mountains Of Pomeroy
"My bed was the ground,
My roof the greenwood above,
And the wealth that I sought,
One far, kind glance from my love".
Anonymous (18th Century Irish)

Here's To Song
"I wish you friends whose wisdom makes them kind,
Well leisured friends to share your evening's peace,
Friends who can season knowledge with a laugh".
Winifred M. Letts