Benny Amdursky, Israel Gurion & Josie Katz   •   The Good, the Bad and the Maid [CD]

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  • The Good, the Bad and the Maid
    • 1992 - Hed-Arzi ‎346 CD (ISR)
  • Tracklist
    1. Yester-Pictures (E. Manor, S. Kraus)
    2. Baby Face (Akst, Davis)
    3. Those Were the Names (E. Manor, S. Kraus)
    4. Baby, It's Cold Outside (Frank Loesser)
    5. Tico-Tico (Abreu, Olivera, Drake)
    6. I Yi Yi Yi Yi, I Like You Very Much (Desylva, Meyer)
    7. Dream A Little Dream of Me (Schwandt, Kahn, Andree)
    8. The Ballad of Little-Me (E. Manor, S. Kraus)
    9. Sisters (Irving Berlin)
    10. The Thing (E. Manor, S. Kraus)
    11. For Me and My Gal (Meyer, Leslie, Goetz)
    12. If You Know Susie (Desylva, Meyer)
    13. Lulu's Back in Town (H. Warren, A. Dubin)
    14. Together Wherever We Go (J. Styne, S. Sondheim)
    15. I Want to Sing to The World (E. Manor, S. Kraus)

  • The Good, the Bad and the Maid
    • Benny Amdursky: Vocals
    • Israel Gurion: Vocals
    • Josie Katz: Vocals
  • Credits
    • Written by Ehud Manor
    • Director: Tsadok Sarfati
    • Musical Director: Alex Weiss
    • Photo: Y. Agor, M. Meridor
    • Cover Design: Kerman
    • Produced by Benny Amdursky
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