Alex Campbell   •   Live In Belgium

  • Live In Belgium
    • 1981 - C.C.C. Records CCC811 LP (BEL)
  • Side One
    1. May the Circle Be Unbroken (A.P. Carter)
    2. Gypsy Davie (Trad. Arr. Alex Campbell)
    3. The Banks Are Made Of Marble (Les Rice)
    4. Jock Stuart (Trad. Arr. Alex Campbell)
    5. The Kenny Boatman (Trad. Arr. Alex Campbell)
    6. Leaving Nancy (Eric Bogle)
  • Side Two
    1. I'll Fly Away (Trad. Arr. Alex Campbell)
    2. The Reuben James (Woody Guthrie)
    3. Casey's Last Ride (Kris Kristofferson)
    4. The Highland Division's Farewell To Sicily (Hamish Henderson)
    5. My Old Gibson Guitar (Alex Campbell)
    6. It's Good To See You (Allan Taylor)

  • Musicians
    • Alex Campbell: guitar, vocals
    • Derroll Adams: backing vocals, banjo
    • Roland Van Campenhout: guitar, e-guitar
    • Jef Van Gool: bass
  • Credits
    • Recorded Live, March 13, 1981 at Bottelare
  • Notes
    • Information on this release comes from outside sources.