Alex Campbell   •   Det Er Godt At Se Dig

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  • Det Er Godt At Se Dig
    • 1979 - Stuk STUK 431 LP (DNK)
  • Side One
    1. It's Good To See You [Det Er Godt At Se Dig] (Allan & Kathy Taylor)
    2. Anna Lovinda (Trad., A. Campbell, Pherson)
    3. The Old Sea Captain [Minder Ved Havnen] (Niels Hausgaard)
    4. The Bonnie Wee Lassie O' Skagen (Trad., A. Campbell, Pherson)
    5. Rosevell Fair (Bill Staines)
    6. The Little Red Rose [En Yndig Og Frydefuld Sommertid] (Trad., A. Campbell, Pherson, Arr. Ib Bucholtz)
  • Side Two
    1. When I Paint My Masterpiece (Bob Dylan)
    2. The Black Schooner [Den Sorte Sejler] (Trad., A. Campbell, Pherson)
    3. The Saga Of Qudtligssat (Trad., Les Mike)
    4. Jeg Kan Se På Dine Øjne (Trad.)
    5. The Mingulay Boat Song (Sir Hugh Roberton)
    6. Annie Laurie (Trad.)

  • Musicians
    • Alex Campbell: vocals and guitar
  • Additional Musicians
    • Ib Bucholtz
    • Jens Bjørn-Hansen
    • Mogens Andersen
    • Ulrik Nordhagen
    • Aage Willumsen
    • Erling Hansen
    • Poul Martin Poulsen
    • Rod Sinclair
    • Lissa Ladefoged Sørensen
    • Thorvald Baggesen
    • Jens "Memphis" Nielsen
    • Niels Hausgaard
  • Credits
    • Producer: Niels Hausgaard
    • Engineer: Gis Ingvardtsen
    • Foto: Mogens Eskildsen
    • Recorded at STUK Studio

Sleeve Notes

It's Good to See You — I sang with Allan Taylor, who wrote this song at the Trowbridge and Norwich Festivals this year. One of Englands' leading singer/songwriters, he really captured the audiences with it. I felt it described my feelings about Denmark and the Danes to perfection and thus it was chosen as the title song.

Anna Lovinda — Translated from Norwegian to Danish by my late friend Thøger Olesen. I first heard it sung by Fisker Thomas.

The Old Seacaptain [Minder Ved Havnen] — This is one of Niels' best songs and I have sung it with him many times. People everywhere love it.

The Bonnie Wee Lassie O' Skagen — This is one I set to the well known Irish air "Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife". It is for Inge.

Rosevell Fair — This song by Bill Staines I learned from Wendy Grossman at the Skagen Vise Festival in 1978.

The Little Red Rose — When I first heard Niels sing this in concert I was surprised that the audience spontaneously joined in. It reminds me of Robert Burns' "My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose".

When I Paint My Masterpiece — By Bob Dylan, I learned this song from Jorgen Skanmoritz two years ago in the Folkers Rest in Skagen.

The Black Schooner [Den Sorte Sejler] — Not to be confused with Brechts' song of the same name, this has more affinities to Wagner's "Fliegende Hollanders" I first heard it sung by Niels Wilhelm Hansen who put it on his "Med Kaerlig Hilsen" LP (still one of the best made in Scandinavia). I found I couldn't really make a workable translation and though I did want to sing it I stopped work on it. About two years ago my friends in Skagen sent me a cassette of their favourite songs which included Fisker Thomas singing this song. After that I worked on my translation again and finally came up with the version I have recorded here.

The Saga of Qudtligssat — This is a poem by Les Mike on the Danish Greenland policy which Tom Buhman gave to me and which I set to the old Scottish Air "Tramps and Hawking Lads".

Jeg Kan Se På Dine Øjne — Niels sang me this song in his home with his little daughter joining in. It is the first song I have ever sung in Danish.

The Mingulay Boat Song — From the great Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser collection "Songs of the Hebrides" 1909-1912. I first recorded this in 1962, but after singing it with Niels and Memphis on the 1978 "Super Folk" tour I decided I wanted to sing it again on record.

Annie Laurie — Written by Lady John Scott in the late 18th Century, this has some of the most beautiful imagery of love song I know apart from Burns' "My love is like a Red, Red Rose." I have known this song from childhood and dedicate it to Gerd.

This record is for Thomas Jensen.

My thanks are due to the following people for their help in the translations:
Tom Buhman
Niels Wilhelm
Carsten and Else Linde
Lone Asmussen
Gerd Parkholt
Kurt Juul