Alex Campbell   •   Favourite Songs from Bonnie Scotland

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  • Favourite Songs from Bonnie Scotland
    • 1965 - Presto PRE 676 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. The Piper O' Dundee
    2. Bluebells of Scotland
    3. Marie Hamilton
    4. Ye Banks and Braes
    5. Rothesay-O
    6. Lezzie Lindsay
  • Side Two
    1. Highland Laddie
    2. Will Ye No Come Back Again
    3. Gin I Were Where the Gaudie Runs [sic]
    4. My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
    5. The Round [sic] Tree
    6. Wi' a Hundred Pipers

  • Musicians
    • Alex Campbell and his Folk Group
    • with Peter Maynard: bass
    • Ian McCann: guitar, banjo and mandolin

Sleeve Notes

THERE is probably no country in the world with a more colourful history than Scotland. For the non-Scot there is an endless fascination in the great gathering of Clans which still meet today in the mist shrouded fairyland of the Western Isle and in all the other relics of those fierce struggles which went on for century after century, both amongst the Scots themselves and also between them their Southern neighbour. Today the Scots, with their high rate of emigration, and have spread their folk music throughout the world and many of the favourite Scottish folk songs are equally familiar in far distant lands.

For our record we have invited one of the greatest contemporaries of Scottish folk singers, Alex Campbell, to join us and to give as fine a collection of old Scottish songs as you would find anywhere. Some very well known, others not so well known, all are given in the true Scottish style.

Alex Campbell was born and bred in Glasgow and from his childhood has listened to and sung the songs of his country, from the street songs of Glasgow to the songs of the Highlands and the Isles. He is now, of course, an international folk singer, but for the songs of his native land he has a special place, and it certainly shows as he sings them here.

© Art & Sound Ltd., London, 1965