Alex Campbell   •   Best Love Songs Of Bonnie Scotland [2]

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  • Best Love Songs Of Bonnie Scotland
    • 1963 - Fidelity FID 2169 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. The Nut Brown Maiden
    2. Wi' a Hundred Pipers
    3. The Skye Boat Song
    4. The Bluebells of Scotland
    5. Ye Banks and Braes
    6. Johnny Cope
    7. Come O'er the Stream
    8. Charlie Will Ye No Come Back Again
  • Side Two
    1. The Dundee Weaver
    2. Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin
    3. The Piper O' Dundee
    4. The Land O' the Leal
    5. Gin I Were Where the Gaudie Rins
    6. The Wark O' the Weavers
    7. Leezie Lindsay
    8. The Wee Cooper O' Fife

  • Credits
    • Alex Campbell and his Folk Group
    • © Associated Recordings Company, London, 1963

Sleeve Notes

Among the nations which make up the British Isles, the Scots have fair claim to be the most musical. The turbulent history of Scotland, the many romantic and legendary figures it has produced, and not least the remote and wild topography of the land — the mist-shrouded mountains, mysterious glens and the innumerable beautiful lochs — have all contributed to the creation of a proud culture which is given expression in song.

This record contains songs popular all over the world, and also songs which the Scots keep for themselves. Their singer, Alex Campbell, is Glasgow born and bred and from his earliest childhood has been listening to, and singing, the songs of his country; everything from work songs learned in the streets of Glasgow, to songs from the inaccessible highlands.

The Skye Boat Song is, of course, famous all over the world, as are The Bluebells of Scotland, Ye Banks and Braes and Will ye no come back again. Wi' a hundred pipers will call to mind the skirling pipes and drums of the Scots Guards. Both aspects of the Scottish character are represented here from the light-hearted gaiety of The Nut Brown Maiden and The Work o' the Weavers to the gloomy and sad Land o' the Leal (the 'Land of the Dead').

And there is nobody more suited to sing them than Alex Campbell.